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The Ancient Olympics were held in Olympia, Greece. Modern Olympics are held in various areas.

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I believe this was in Olympia, hence the name Olympic Games.

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At the temple of Zeus at Olympus in Elis, southern Greece.

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Willy missiles

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Q: What was the name of the building where the ancient Olympics were held?
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Where was the Ancient Greece Olympics held?

Olympia, hence the name 'Olympics'

Where exactly were the Olympics held in ancient Olympics?

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Where Was the ancient greek Olympics held in?

It is held on mount olympus in a masive stadium hence the name olympics.

What is the name of the temple in Olympia were the ancient Greek Olympics held?

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What was the name of the building that the ancient Olympic Games held in Olympia?

Temple of Zeus.

What does the l in Olympics mean?

The name "Olympics" is not an acronym, so there is no particular significance to each letter. It comes from the name Olympia, the sanctuary where the ancient Olympic games were held.

Where were the first original olympic games held in ancient times?

They were held in Olympia, ancient Greece, hence the name for the event, The Olympics. This is also why Greece held the first modern Olympics, why their athletes always come out first in the parade, and why the national anthem of Greece is played at all closing ceremonies.

The anceient games began as a part of a religious festival in honor of?

The ancient Olympic games were held in honor of the Greeks' chief god, Zeus. They were held at Olympia - hence the name Olympics.

Why do you use the name Olympics and what does it mean?

The first Olympic Games were held in Olympia (southwest of the Balkans) in ancient Greece in 776BC. The sport events got their name from the place where they originated from.

What fight events are there in the ancient greek Olympics?

Want to know oh my name is Kyle okay Wrestling in the Ancient Greek Olympics

What is the town name celebrates the Olympics in Greece?

Athens Greece is where the world held there first olympics in 1896. They also held the olympics for the second time in the year 2004.

What the name of the county in Tennessee where Olympics were held in 1996?

They were held in Georgia in 1996, not in Tennessee.