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That was the Portland Breakers. The team started in Boston in 1983, moved to New Orleans in 1984, and then to Portland in 1985.

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Q: What was the name of the USFL Portland Oregon Football team?
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What state does Portland belong to?

Portland is the name of major cities in Maine and in Oregon. However, it is not the name of the capital in either of those states (the capitals are: Augusta, Maine and Salem, Oregon). No state in the U.S. has Portland as its capital.

The largest city in two different states share the same name but is not the capital of either state what is the name of the cities?

Portland, Oregon Portland, Maine

What is the original name of Portland Oregon?

A coin toss was used to decide the name. One of the city's founders was from Maine and the other was from Massachusetts. Boston was the losing name.

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A person from Oregon is an "Oregonian" (plural is "Oregonians").

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Where did the name Portland come from?

When Portland Oregon was named two founders argued over the name. One wanted Portland after his home town in Maine and the other wanted to name the town Boston. A coin toss took place and Portland won!! Obviously we have a huge port so this name makes perfect sense.

Where is Portland located in US?

Portland is the largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon and is Oregon's capitol city. It sits near two rivers. The United States has 14 states with cities named Portland: Maine, Oregon, Texas, Tennessee, North Dakota, Indiana, Connecticut, Michigan, Arkansas, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, and Kentucky. These 14 cities, all named Portland, range from urban large cities to small and sometimes rural locations. There is also a Portlandville in New York, and a Portland Mills in Pennsylvania. In colonial US times, the name Portland may have come from colonists' knowledge about the Isle of Portland, England.

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The current mayor of Beaverton is Dennis Doyle.

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