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Len Dawson was the Chiefs starting QB in their Super Bowl IV win over the Vikings. He was also the starting QB in Super Bowl I when the Chiefs lost to the Green Bay Packers.

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Len Dawson.

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Q: What was the name of the Kansas City Chiefs quarter back when they won the last super Bowl?
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Who played the Green Bay Packers in the first Super Bowl?

In Super Bowl I the Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10

What super bowl did Minnesota Vikings lose to the Kansas City Chiefs?

Super Bowl 4.

Who won super bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and MN vikings?


Who won Super Bowl 4?

Kansas City Chiefs

Giants won Super Bowl 4.yes or no?

no!!! kansas city chiefs won super bowl 4

Who was the losing team of Super Bowl 1?

Kansas City Chiefs

Who was in the 1970 Super Bowl?

Minnesota Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs.

Did johnhuarte play on super bowl Kansas City Chiefs?

he was on the roster

Who was the vikings first Super Bowl against?

That was Super Bowl IV against the Kansas City Chiefs on January 11, 1970. The Chiefs won 23-7.

Who was the MVP of Super Bowl IV?

Quarterback Len Dawson of the Kansas City Chiefs was the MVP of Super Bowl IV.

What team in the NFL won Super Bowl 4?

Kansas City Chiefs

What team did packers beat in their first super bowl?

Kansas City Chiefs