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Highbury = Nickname due to location.

Arsenal stadium was the correct name.

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Q: What was the name of arsenals old football ground?
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Where is Arsenals home ground?

The home ground of Arsenal is in North London, UK and is called the Emirates Stadium. Their old stadium is called Highbury and is quite close by.

What is the name of Manchester United's stadium?

Old trafford, it shares it's name with the cricket ground in Manchester, which is close by to the football stadium, old trafford

What was arsenals old stadium?

Arsenal's old stadium was Highbury.

What is old trafford football ground made of?


What is Old Trafford Football Ground's postcode?

what is the postcode of mufc - old trafford

Which is the Largest English football ground?

Old Trafford (Manchester United)

Is there a name for old football player?


What would Man Utd's Old Trafford Football Ground capacity be if it were symmetrical?


Is the football stadium old trafford and cricket ground in the same place?

No.... both the sports are played in Old Trafford but different stadiums

Who is the football inventor?

An old Polishman by the name of Nickoli Chekovzski

What is old football or rugby?

football is old

Where was Manchester united's original ground?

"North Road" was a football stadium and cricket field in Newton Heath, Manchester, England. It was the first home of Manchester United Football Club - then known as Newton Heath Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Football Club - from its foundation in 1878 until 1893, when the club moved to a new ground at Bank Street, Clayton their second ground before Old Trafford.