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his name was Jack Roosevelt Robinson

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Q: What was the name of Jackie Robinson before he joined the Brooklyn dodgers?
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What teams did Jackie Robinson play for?

He played his entire major-league career (1947-1956) with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

What was the dodgers baseball field named when Jackie Robinson played?

Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, New York. Robinson retired before the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles.

Who did Jackie Robinson play for before the Dodgers?

Jackie Robinson's first year in professional ball was 1946 when he played for the Montreal Royals, the Brooklyn Dodgers Triple-A minor league team. He played one year for Montreal and then played for the Dodgers between 1947-1956. He retired after the 1956 season.

What was the name of Jackie robinsons minor league baseball team before he joinded the Brooklyn dodgers?

Before signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Jackie Robinson played for the Kansas City Monarch, a Negro League in 1945, then he played for the Montreal Royals in 1946. The Royals were a AAA farm team of the Dodgers.

What was the first team Jackie Robinson played on and in what year?

jackie robinson's first major league team that he played for was the brooklyn dodgers and that was in 1947, the year prior robinson played triple a ball for the montreal royals before being called up to the big club the year later.

Were the Brooklyn Dodgers the only baseball league for African American and white players before the 1940s?

No. The Brooklyn Dodgers were a Major League team who became the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1958.

What year was Jackie Robinson traded from Montreal?

Jackie Robinson was not traded from Montreal. The Montreal Royals were a farm team of the Brooklyn Dodgers. When Robinson signed with the Dodgers, he played his first season (1946) with the Royals. The Dodgers brought him up to the parent team in 1947 and he played with the Dodgers through the 1956 season.

Which Brooklyn Dodgers manager told Jackie Robinson's teammates to play with Jackie or get traded?

It was Brooklyn manager Leo Durocher, who made the threat before Robinson's rookie season in 1947. As it turned out, Durocher himself wasn't around for the breakthrough season. He was suspended for a year by Commissioner Albert "Happy" Chandler for associating with gamblers.

What was Jackie Robinson Parkway old name?

Before it was Jackie Robinson Parkway, the road that winds through Brooklyn and Queens was called the Interboro Parkway. It was renamed in 1997.

Was Jackie Robinson called racial names when he played for the Dodgers?

Unfortunately, yes. He was met with much hatred when he first started playing with the Dodgers and also when he played his one minor league season in Montreal before coming up to the Dodgers. Jackie Robinson's makeup was one of the main reason's Branch Rickey selected him to be the player to break the color barrier. Robinson was very strong emotionally and agreed not to fight back against the hatred. The hatred shown Robinson during his first year with the Dodgers made them a very strong and bonded team. In the 31 seasons prior to Robinson, Brooklyn had made the World Series three times. In the 10 seasons that Robinson played in Brooklyn, they made the World Series five times.

Which man became the first African American to play baseball in the major leagues?

In the 19th century before the color line was drawn, the first African-American player was Moses Fleetwood Walker. In the 20th century, Jackie Robinson broke the color line as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.

Jackie Robinson played his first game for the Brooklyn dodgers?

Jackie Robinson played his first MLB game on April 15, 1947 against the Boston Braves at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. He grounded out against Braves pitcher Johnny Sain in his first at-bat. He went 0 for 3 with a run scored. new boyz rokx cauze ur a jerk and ur soo dope <=p -NEW BOYZ