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Lenin's plan was called the "New Economic Policy."

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Q: What was the name given to lenins economic policy to restore order to russia?
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Related questions

What resulted from Lenins new economic policy?

Russia was forced to begin importing food products.

Who was the creator of the New Economic Policy?

Lenin instituted the NEP or New Economic Policy in Russia.

Was Lenin in the New Economic Policy?

Lenin is the person who formulated and imposed the New Economic Policy on Russia.

How long did the New Economic Policy prevail in Russia?

7 years

What economic activity is located in the taiga of russia?

Russian economical policy.

What was not part of Lenins plan for governing Russia?

Russia's army would prepare to defeat Germany. <-------NovaNET answer!!

Last emperor of Russia?

The last Tsar (emperor) of russia was Tsar Nicholas II. He was Killed by Vladmir Lenins Rebels

When was the new economic policy introduced in russia?

The new economic policy was introduced to replace the failed one of the war communism. The NEP was put into effect on March 21, 1921.

What was the overall impact of the New Economic Policy NEP?

It helped Russia's weak economy to recover

What was the overall impact of the New Economic Policy (nep)?

It helped Russia's weak economy to recover.

What has the author Aron Yugov written?

Aron Yugov has written: 'Russia's economic front for war and peace' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Economic conditions

What music is played at Lenins tomb in Russia?

Kinderszenen opus 15 by Robert Schuman "traumerei"

What did Lenin abandon to try to ease the suffering of drought and famine in Russia?

Lenin abandoned the policy called "war communism" in order to ease the drought and famine in Russia. H abandoned this in favor of what he called the "New Economic Policy."

How did Lenins takeover or Russia affect German war strategy?

Lenin agreed to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk to end Russia's involvement in World War 1.

What has the author Philippe Le Houerou written?

Philippe Le Houerou has written: 'Investment policy in Russia' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Investments

Did Russia have a depression?

Indeed it did however it was not really over one period. Since the collapse of the tsarist regime through the capture and execution of Tsar Nicholas II and his family the economic state of russia was in turmoil which spread vast famine throughout most of this period. However when the rest of the western world fell into mass depression in the 1930s~ Stalin had launched his 5 year economic plans which set to modernise russia into a modern day industrial superpower a feat which he did achieve. For this reason the depression appeared to not affect russia but really it was still continuing from around 1918 and the introduction of War communism to defeat the mensheviks in the civil war. Which was replaced with lenins New economic policy which somewhhat resembled capitalism but it only improved the economy for a little bit before it was removed. Hope this helps!

What resulted from Lenin's New Economic Policy?

Russia's devastated economy began to recover.Russia was forced to begin importing food products.Russia was forced to begin importing food products.

What has the author Blanka Kalinova written?

Blanka Kalinova has written: 'Improving the economic and legal environment for Russia's trade in services' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Commercial law, Service industries, Economic conditions

Who developed the soviet New Economic Policy?

Lenin developed it in order to rebuild Russia's economy that was in shambles after two years of 'war communism."

What has the author David R Shearer written?

David R. Shearer has written: 'Industry, state, and society in Stalin's Russia, 1926-1934' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Industrial policy

Who is the Minister of Economic Development for Russia?

Aleksey Valentinovich Ulyukayev is the Minister of Economic Development for Russia.

What has the author Anthony Heywood written?

Anthony Heywood has written: 'Modernising Lenin's Russia' -- subject(s): Railroads, Equipment and supplies, Economic conditions, Railroads and state, Economic policy, History, OverDrive, Nonfiction

What is the type of economic of Russia?

Russia is a Developed Economy

Where is Russia's most important economic region located?

Russia's most important economic region is greater Moscow.

What has the author Vladimir Sobell written?

Vladimir Sobell has written: 'The new Russia' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Politics and government 'The red market' -- subject(s): Council for Mutual Economic Assistance