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Q: What was the most significant life event for Michelle kwan?
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What did Michelle Kwan do after her skating life?


What are Michelle kwan's obstacles in life?

Michelle has faced obstacles such as a groin injury and that's all i really know (:

How was Michelle Kwan's life affected?

her life was affected by joining figure skating and there is no time for her college work

What was Michelle Kwan early life like?

sometimes hard but fun and very exciting

How many medals has Michelle kwan won in her life?

30 goldes,15silver,and 4 bronez

What is a project milestone?

A significant point (or event) in the life of a project.

What is a milestone in project management?

A significant point (or event) in the life of a project.

What are the highlights of Michelle Kwan's life?

She won silver at the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano and won bronze at the Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

How can death be a significant life event?

Absolutely. Not just for the deceased but for their loved ones as well

The most significant event of the Roman period was the birth life and death of Jesus Christ?


What was a significant event in the life of Pope John Paul II?

He was nearly killed in an assassination attempt in 1981

What significant event took place in the life of the King Axum around ad 330?

He converted to christianity

Other than the tragic loss of life that occurred why is the event so significant?

there was a significant amount of money involved in this place so all of that money was lost

Some significant events in Khufu's life?

One event is that he built the great pyramid of Giza; a world wonder

Is there any significant event that happened in Saint Margaret's life?

There are a number of saints named Margaret. Please be specific.

What significant political events occurred during Shakespeare's life?

Here is the ANSWER! The significant political event that occurred during Shakespeare's life is... King James I was crowned. Yipee wasn't that an awesome answer. I know it's such an awesome answer.

What was Fernando Torres most significant life event?

Probably starting his Senior career in football in 2001 for Atletico Madrid.

What significant events were in Saint Anne's life?

Well there is not much know about Saint Anne. although she did give birth to Mary. I would definitely classify that as a pretty significant event. another important event is when the angel came and told her she would have Mary.

What was Jesus most significant life event historically?

Historically the most significant life event of Our Blessed Savior was the fact that He was alive as a human being at all - the Incarnation. Equally important was His Sacrifice of Himself on the Cross for our redemption. They are really one and the same event as that is what He came into this world for - to redeem all of us on the cross.

What are some important things Michelle Obama has accomplished in her life?

what are some things that michelle obama accompished in her life

Undertaker is boyfriend Michelle mcool real life?

Yes, the Undertaker is Michelle McCool's real-life boyfriend.

Why do you recognize a Bar Mitzvah?

It is when a Jewish boy takes on the religious responsibilities of an adult. It is the second most significant event in a Jewish person's life.

Historians label an event as a turning point when it?

Mark’s the beginning of a distinct historical period

Is Michelle Stafford pregnant in real life?


What is the milestone in the project management?

A significant point (or event) in the life of a project is called a Milestone. It can be delivery of the project to UAT or completion of Design Phase etc.