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Everyone plays 38 games in the League.

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Q: What was the most number of games played by a Premiership team in a season?
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How many games are there played in a premiership season?

As there are 20 teams in the Premiership who play each other twice, a total of 380 games are played in each English Premiership football season. Each team will play a total of 38 Games over the season.

What is the maximum number of games a premiership football club can play in one season?

38 games.

How many games in English Premier League 07-08 soccer season?

There are 380 games played in total in the Premiership each season

How many matches are played in the premiership?

i think 38 games are played in the premiership

Who has played the most premiership games?

I think its Tony Adams

What is the record for the most played afl games?

Michael Tuck (Hawthorn) 426 games He also holds the record for the most number of Grand Finals played in (Eleven) and for having played in the most number of premiership winning sides (Nine).

Which player has holds the record for number of consecutive games in the premiership?


What US sport has the longest season in terms of the number of games played?

baseball 162 games and playoffs

Which players have played 400 premiership games?

Ryan Giggs asplayed over 750 games in the E.P.L. and Gary has played over 568 games.

What is the total number basketball games played per season in the NBA?

Each team plays 82 regular season games. There are 30 teams in the NBA. That would make 1230 total games played in the NBA during the regular season.

Which player has played most in English premiership?

It was Gary Speed over 668 games.

What is the average number of corners in premiership games?

from what i hear 11 but keep your options to 14

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