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Q: What was the main use for salt in the olden days?
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What did they use in the olden days to wash there clothes?

what did thety wash their clothes with back in the olden days

What transport did they use in the olden days?

Horse and buggy

Can you use olden in a sentence?

Yes - for example, you could say: 'In the olden days', and it would make sense.

How did people use to communicate in the olden days?

By writing letters

Did they use stamps in the olden days?

yes but it deepends what date

Did they use stamps in olden days?

Yes, they needed them for letters.

What did hang on a minute mate mean in the olden days?

They didn't use this term back in "the olden days." It's a modern term meaning to wait for a minute.

What did the olden days people use before penny?

there was barter system

What did they use insted of money in the olden days in south Africa?


How did Braille come into use?

Braille came into use by the blind people of the olden days.

What did they use the clocks for in the olden days?

sun dial,water clo ck,

How do you use pince-nez in a sentence?

In the olden days they wore pince-nez.