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Q: What was the lowest scoring basketball Duke versus North Carolina game in the 1964 1965 1966?
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What is the Miami hurricanes all time football record versus North Carolina?

Miami is 7-8 versus North Carolina.

How many basketball wins does Maryland have versus duke?


What is shannon brown highest scoring game?

27 points versus golden state warriors in 2010

Who sanke the first 3-point field goal in the history of college basketball?

Ronnie Carr from Western Carolina made the first 3-point field goal in college basketball history on Nov. 29, 1980 versus Middle Tennessee State.

What is the all time basketball record Kansas versus Nebraska?


What is Louisville record versus Vanderbilt all time in basketball?


South Carolina versus New York which is the largest state?

New York.

What is the diameter of a basketball rim versus the circumference of the basketball?

Two basketballs can fit in the hoop so the ball is half the size of the rim

What is roy Williams record vs duke at North Carolina?

Roy Williams' record versus Duke at North Carolina is 8-9.

What is the record of Indiana University basketball versus Purdue Basketball.?

as of feb 8 2011 purdue leads the all time series 110-84

What channel is the Dukes versus Va Tech basketball game on tonight?

i don't know haha

What is Ohio State's all time men's basketball record versus Cincinnati?


What was the highest scoring Redskins versus Cowboys match?

Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys are american football teams. Both of them plays in NFL, the National Football League. Most scoring between them was 45-21 for Cowboys in the 1970s.

Who won first South Carolina versus Clemson football game?

The first football game between South Carolina and Clemson was played in 1896. South Carolina won 12-6.

What sport has 10 players on the court at the start of a match?

Basketball - College and Professional. 5 versus 5

What is the all time basketball record between Nebraska versus creighton?

Nebraska leads 25-21.

Who has a winning record over KU in NCAA Basketball?

University of Ky's record is 19-6 versus Kansas.

What is Ohio State's all time men's basketball record versus Michigan?

89-70 in favor of Ohio State.

What is the college basketball record of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill versus the University of Kansas?

The series is tied 2-2 in regards to NCAA tournament play...Kansas won the 1991 semifinal game and the 2008 semifinal game (subsequently claiming the title). North Carolina won the 1957 national championship game (in triple overtime) and in the 1993 national semifinals.

What has the author Maria Kavussanu written?

Maria Kavussanu has written: 'The effects of single versus multiple measures of biofeedback on basketball free throw shooting performance' -- subject(s): Basketball, Biofeedback training, Control (Psychology), Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Basketball, Self-confidence

Who won today Ohio state buckeyes versus Michigan in basketball Feb 17 2008?

Michigan beat Ohio St. 80-70.

How old was Diego Maradona when he made his debut for his country?

He is supposedly one of the greatest footballers of all time. However to English men he was a cheat for scoring the infamous hand of god goal versus England.

Freddy versus Jason versus chucky verus leatherface versus Micheal versus goku?


What is Latin for versus?

versus in an accent

What is the lowest ever test cricket score that a side was bowled out for?

New Zealand 26 versus England I thought it was 12 Sri Lanka Vs South Africa