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106 yards. Frank Lonergan.

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Q: What was the longest touchdown run?
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How has the longest touchdown run the nfl?

Probably 99 yards

What is the longest run from scrimmage in the NFL without a touchdown?

Johnny Johnson

Who had the longest touchdown run in the NFL this year?

definantly Shane price

Longest touchdown run?

most recently : wes welker with 99 yards

What was the longest touchdown run by a quarterback in NFL history?

Steve Bono for Kansas City Chiefs at 76 yards in 1995. ^Not Correct The actual longest touchdown run was by Kordell Stewart, with an 80 yard TD run. ^Also Not Correct The new longest touchdown by a QB is a 93 Yard TD by Terrell Pryor on 27 October 2013.

What steeler had the longest defensive touchdown run in super bowl history?

James harrison

What Detroit lion has the longest touchdown run from scrimmage in the lions history?

Greg Landry

What is the Longest run in NFL playoff game?

Well if your only talking about a run play from scrimmage, Fred Taylor's 90-yard touchdown run in January 2000 vs. Miami is the longest run play in NFL playoff history! The second longest being Ray Rice's 83-yard touchdown run on the first snap from scrimmage against the New England Patriots

What was Willie Parker's longest run for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Willie Parker's longest run for the Steelers was an 80 yard touchdown. It was on December 24, 2005, against the Cleveland Browns.

Who had the longest touchdown pass in Super bowl history?

Willie Parker of the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XL vs. Seattle.His 75-yard touchdown run is the longest run from line of scrimmage in Super Bowl history, surpassing Marcus Allen's 74-yard run in Super Bowl XVII.Willie Parker's TD was a run. The longest touchdown passwas to wide receiver Mussin Mohammed from QB Jake Delhomme of the Carolina Panthers for 85 yards in 2004.

Who has the longest run from scrimmige for a touchdown in a Super Bowl for the steerlers?

Willie Parker with a 75 yard TD run in Super Bowl XL.

What is the longest single play in the nfl?

The longest play you can make in the NFL is for a receiver in the end zone to run a kickoff back for a touchdown. A lot of players have done it.

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