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I believe the longest rain delay came during the 2008 world series, game 5 between the Phillies and the Rays. After the game was delayed because of the heavy rain and cold, the games resumed 2 days later, when the storm passed.

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Q: What was the longest rain delay in baseball?
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If a baseball game is stopped due to rain delay do they restart from the beginning?

Following a rain delay the baseball game continues from the point at which the delay was initiated.

How long can a rain delay occur in baseball?

generally a rain delay can last for up to 3 hours before a major league baseball game has to be postponed due to rain ,and the game to be recheduled for a later date.

Has there ever been a rain delay at a baseball game?

There have been 10's of thousands of baseball games delayed by rain.

How long can a rain delay last?

A rain delay can last up to three hours in some cases before being declared a rain out...

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What is the run limit in Major League Baseball?

In MLB there is no run limit. MLB games play 9 complete innings unless there is a rain delay and cancellation.

Is there a delay for thunder during soccer?

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Why does baseball delay for rain?

A rain delay is called in rain especially if there is lightening in the area because of the danger to all, but also because of the possible injury to players with a wet baseball, slick playing surface, and the inability to see a fly-ball. The wet ball could cause lack of ball control on the part of the pitcher, or for that matter the catcher and fielders as well. The possibility of slipping on the wet surface could cause injury to any player. Also, with the inability to properly follow the ball in flight due to the rain, more injuries could result.

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