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I think was 19 innings against the Red Sox

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Q: What was the longest mariners game?
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When was the longest Red Sox game?

The longest game ever at fenway park was against the mariners September 4, 1981 the final score was 8 to 7. The game lasted 20 innings.

Which team had the longest distance to travel to play a game?

A game between the Seattle Mariners and the Florida Marlins would be the furthers distance a team would travel for a game

Who has the longest hitting streak in Seattle Mariners history?


Who has played for the Seattle Mariners the longest?

Ken Griffey Jr.

What was the Seattle Mariners longest winning streak in 2008?

In 2008, the longest winning streak for the Seattle Mariners was four games. It ran from August 29th through September 1st.

What is the Seattle Mariners longest winning streak in franchise history?

15 in 2001

What is the Seattle Mariners longest losing streak in franchise history?

The Seattle Mariners lost 14 games in a row from 9-2-1992 to 9-18-1992; their longest losing streak as of 7-20-2011.

What is the most innings in a Seattle Mariners game?

The most innings in a Seattle Mariners game came on August 1, 2000 at Safeco Field when the Seattle Mariners played the Boston Red Sox in a 19 inning game. Mike Cameron came up in the bottom half of the 19 against former Mariners pitcher Jeff Fassero and hit a solo home run to end the longest game in Mariners history. Fact: The Boston Red Sox scored in the top half of the third and went 16 innings without scoring. Fact: Jason Varitek had the most at bats in a major league game with 9 but only had 1 hit.

Why did a fan get taken out of the mariners game today?

Nobody Did

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