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Also known as Jim 'Catfish' Hunter, his birth name was James Augustus Hunter.

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Q: What was the late catfish Hunters first name?
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Who was the late catfish hunters first name?

James (Jim).

What was the late Catfish Hunter's first name?


Why a catfish is called a catfish?

Catfish is a name actually founded in Rome where a cat ate a mans fish so there for it's name is catfish. The Romans first called it "cafi" and now we have adapted it to catfih

What is the scientific name of catfish?

catfish ussually have scientific name such as suliriformes

What was the name of the fish in 'Grumpy Old Men'?

Catfish Hunter

What is a fingerling catfish?

It is the name given to a young catfish.

What is the scientific name for the new jersey catfish?


Why don't catfish have kittens?

Catfish do have children, but they are not called kittens. The catfish got its name by the whiskers it.

Name of the catfish on grumpy old men?

Name of catfish in Grumpy Old Men movie please

Name of the catfish on grumpier old men?

Catfish hunter

What is the birth name of Catfish Hunter?

Catfish Hunter's birth name is James Augustus Hunter.

What is another name for the blue catfish?

Unless it is a localized indigenous name, (common in the American South) they are known (properly) as "Blue Catfish", a specific species of catfish.

Where did the catfish get its name?

Catfish have whiskers, and so do cats!

What is the scientific name for a Catfish?

There are many fish in the catfish family, but here is a list of selected common species; Blue catfish-Ictalurus Furcatatus, Channel catfish-Ictalurus Punctatus, White catfish-Ameiurus Catus, Flathead Catfish-Pylodictis Olivaris.

Can catfish eat cichlid flake food?

There are lots of catfish species. Some will and some won't. Name the species of catfish and you will get a more accurate answer

What is the scientific name for catfish?


What is marathi name of catfish?


What is the name of hunters and gathers?

These hunters and gathers are called aborigines.

Are catfish fish?

Yes, catfish are fish, that is why they have "fish" in their name :). Also the word "cat" is only a statement in the name because of it's cat-like whiskers.

What is the difference between catfish and channel catfish?

catfish is just a general name for all catfish, and there are many species of catfish including the channel catfish, the blue catfish, and the bullhead.

What is the name of Australia's hunters and gatherers?

These hunters and gathers are called aborigines.

What animals have a 7 lettered name?


What is the true name of the whiskers on a catfish?


What was James A. Garfield catfish and dog name?

The dogs name was Veto

Dog the bounty hunters real name?

Dog the Bounty Hunters real name is Duane Lee Chapman.