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The Seahawks have never won the Super Bowl. They have appeared once, in Super Bowl XL against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Detroit. The Steelers won 21-10.SEAHAWKS WON 2013

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Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl few years ago. On Super Bowl 48, Seattle Seahawks dominated Denver Broncos 43-8. Malcolm Smith was named Super Bowl MVP.

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The Seahawks were the losing team in Super Bowl XL.

This was the only appearance for the Seahawks in a Super Bowl.

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The Seattle Seahawks have never won a Super Bowl. The only time they played in one was on February 5, 2006. The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Seahawks 21-10 in Super Bowl XL.

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Q: What was the last year that the Seattle Sea Hawks won the super bowl?
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Last time seattle won a Super Bowl?


Who did Pittsburgh beat in their last Super Bowl win?

Seattle Seahawks

When was the last time Seattle went to the super bowl?

The last time the Seattle Seahawks played in the Super Bowl as of this writing was in January 2015, when they played against the New England Patriots and lost 28--24 in a nail-biting game.

What was the last Super Bowl the Denver Broncos were in?

Super Bowl XXXIII (33) was the last Super bowl the Denver Broncos won. That Super Bowl occured in 1999.

When did the redskins win the last super bowl?

Super Bowl 26. It their last Super Bowl appearance and they beat the Bills 37 to 24.

When was the last time a team won 3 games in a row on the road to go to the Super Bowl?

Prior to the Giants doing it to go to Super Bowl XLII, the Pittsburgh Steelers did it in the 2005 season (at Cincinnati, at Indianapolis, at Denver) and then went on to defeat the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL.

When was the last time a Running back won Super Bowl MVP?

Shaun Alexander of the Seattle Seahawks won the National Football League rushing title in 2005 with 1,880 yards on 370 carries. The Seahawks went on to lose Super Bowl XL to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Quarterback at the last redskin Super Bowl win?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, the last Redskins Super Bowl victory was in Super Bowl XXVI and the starting QB was Mark Rypien.

What was the year cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers played there last Super Bowl?

Super Bowl X - January 18, 1976 - Steelers 21 Dallas 17Super Bowl XIII - January 21, 1979 - Steelers 35 Dallas 31Super Bowl XXX - January 28, 1996 - Dallas 27 Steelers 17

How many Super Bowls did the Pittsburgh Steelers win in the last 12 years?

The Steelers won two Super Bowls in the 2000's.February 5, 2006 - Super Bowl XL (Seattle Seahawks)February 1, 2009 - Super Bowl XLIII (Arizona Cardinals)

When was the last day time kick off for a Super Bowl?

The last afternoon kickoff time for a Super Bowl was Super Bowl XI between the Raiders and Vikings.

What was the last year the jets won the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl III