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according to and it was 2008.

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Q: What was the last year of suzuki rm 125?
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What year is a suzuki rm 125?

Suzuki has made a RM 125 every year since 1975. The 75 RM lineup replaced the successful TM lineup.

The year of your suzuki rm 125 vinjs1rf15c4x2101789?

1999 SUZUKI RM125

What year is suzuki rm 125 js1rf15c2y2102313?


What year is suzuki rm 125 vin JS1RF14A2R2102118?

1994 SUZUKI RM125

I need to no the year of this suzuki rm 125 vin js1rf15a3t2101677?

1996 SUZUKI RM125

Whats the year of this Suzuki RM 125 VIN is js1rf15c8w2102085?


What year is suzuki rm 125 vin js1rf16cx52102005?

The tenth character is the model year = 2005

What year is your Suzuki RM 125 vin js1rf16a000501057?

I have found out that the year of manufacturer is a 2001 Model.

Who makes rm 125?


In what year did Suzuki make their first water-cooled RM 125 motorcycle?


What is better a suzuki rm 80 or a Yamaha ttr 125?

The Yamaha ttr 125 would kick the suzuki rm 80's butt there is no comparison

Will a 2001 suzuki rm 125 gas tank fit on my 1998 rm 125 without a lot of mods?


What type of oil does a suzuki rm 125 4 stroke use?

There is no rm 125 fourstroke they make a drz.

Will 2003 Suzuki RM 125 graphics fit on a 2001 Suzuki RM 125?

They should be close enough to use, might have to trim a little to get an exact fit.

What year is your suzuki rm 125 frame number rf15a-1077448?

rm125 frame number 70121 whay year

How do you know the year of a Suzuki rm 125 engine?

10th digit in on the vin trouble is finding the vin!

Where is the engine number on a Suzuki RM 125?


How fast does the suzuki RM 125 go?

about 80mph

What year is a Suzuki RM 125 with a vin of IS1RF16C?

VIN should be 17 characters long. The tenth character denotes the year.

Where can one find reviews about a Suzuki RM 125?

Reviews on a Suzuki RM 125 can be found on the following sites: YouTube, Thumper Talk, My Dirt Bike, Suzuki Cycles, Product Review, Review Centre, and Bike Sales.

What year is Suzuki rm 125 vin JS1RF15AXT2101935?

the tenth digit which in your case is a t makes this bike a 1996

Which are the years when models change for Suzuki RM 125?

Check this link out for updates on the RM starting from the first year the RM was introduced.

How fast is a 2003 Suzuki RM 125?

85 mph

How do you adjust the carburetor on a 1996 suzuki rm 125?


Will Suzuki RM 125 graphics fit on a Suzuki DRZ 125?

No because the RM125 body is way bigger than a DRZ125. A DRZ125 is about the size of an RM85.