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1996, against the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Q: What was the last year cowboys won Super Bowl?
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What year was the cowboys in the last super bowl?

In January 1996.

Did the dallas cowboys go to the super bowl XL last year?

No, they did not.

What year did the Cowboys not win the super bowl?

Last year the New York Giants won.

What year did dallas win the super bowl last?

The Cowboys' last Super Bowl appearance was on January 28, 1996 in Tempe, Arizona. Dallas defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX by the score of 27-17.

What year did the Cowboys win their last Super Bowl?

The Cowboys last Super Bowl victory was January 28, 1996 in Super Bowl XXX when they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17.

What year did the 49ers play the Cowboys in the Super Bowl?

The 49ers and the Cowboys have never met in the Super Bowl. You might be thinking of the legendary NFC Championship game played on January 10, 1982, when the 49er's Dwight Clark made "The Catch" for a last-minute 28-27 win over the Cowboys and a trip to Super Bowl XVI.

Which Teams lost the Super Bowl one year and won it the next?

That has only happened twice in Super Bowl history ... 1) Dallas Cowboys lost Super Bowl V to the Baltimore Colts and won Super Bowl VI over the Miami Dolphins. 2) Miami Dolphins lost Super Bowl VI to the Dallas Cowboys and won Super Bowl VII over the Washington Redskins.

Who won the super bowl the year 1996?

The Dallas Cowboys.

In what year did the Dallas Cowboys hold the record for most penalties in one Super Bowl?

In Super Bowl XLIV, the Dallas Cowboys were penalized 133 yards.

What year did the cowboys first go to the super bowl?

That was Super Bowl V played January 17, 1971. The Cowboys lost to the Baltimore Colts, 16-13.

Is the super bowl?

The Super Bowl is in a different stadium every year. The 2011 Super Bowl will be held in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX on February 6.

What year did the Dallas Cowboys play in their first Super Bowl?