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Q: What was the last team To win the Stanley cup as a 8th seat?
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What nhl 8th seed team to win Stanley cup?


What NHL 8th seed has won a Stanley Cup?

The 2011-2012 L.A. kings won the cup as an 8th seed. Beating the 1, 2 and 3 seeds in the west. Then the reigning champs, N.J. devils. The kings took a 3 games to none lead in each series, and setting a record with 10 straight road wins.

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How many 8th seeds won the Stanley cup?

1: 2012 Los Angeles Kings

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PLease either state a category or be more specific in the question.

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What is the worst seed ever to win a Stanley cup?

2012 Los Angeles Kings - 8th seed in Western Conference

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