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1-1 in the Champions league.

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2011-05-03 20:55:34
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Q: What was the last result of Real Madrid and Barcelona?
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What was the score between real Madrid and barca in their last match?

Real Madrid 1-3 Barcelona

What team has won most trophies in last 26 years Real Madrid or Barcelona?


What were the football match results between Real Madrid and Barcelona for the last five years back?

29th November 2010: Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid 10th April 2010: Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid 29th November 2009: Barcelona 1-0 Real Madrid 2nd May 2009 Barcelona 6-2 Real Madrid 13th December 2008 Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid 7th May 2008: Barcelona 1-4 Real Madrid 23rd December 2007: Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid 10th March 2007: Barcelona 3-3 Real Madrid 22nd October 2006 Barcelona 0-2 Real Madrid The next game is on the 17th April 2011.

Where was the last Barcelona Vs Real Madrid game played?

The last time that Barcelona and Real Madrid played each other was in the La Liga's Copa Del Rey. The match was held at the Bernabeu stadium, which is the home ground of Real Madrid.

When did real madrid last beat barcelona at camp nou?


When was last time Real Madrid beat Barcelona at the Nou Campe?

The last time Real Madrid beat Barcelona was April 21, 2012 with a score of 1-2. The game was played at the Nou Campe.

When was the last time Real Madrid won against Barcelona?

1923 at wembley

Who won last 20 games between Real Madrid vs Barcelona?

The most games is won by Barcelona.

How many real Madrid did won classico?

with the last win its 87 for real Madrid and 86 for Barcelona IN LA LIGA i think the last win was because Barcelona couch wanted the players to rest for the champions which he lost it too.

When did Barcelona score 5-0 against Real Madrid?

last season laliga

When was Barcelona's last match against real Madrid?

at the camp nou 2-1

What the most record of Real Madrid vs fc barcalona 8-0?

Last year Barcelona thrashed Real Madrid 6-2.

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