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Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field sometime in the late eighties and the first game played under the lights was on 8/8/1988

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Q: What was the last Major League baseball team to have stadium lights installed?
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What was the first Major League Baseball team to play with stadium lights?

the cubs

What Major League Baseball stadium to get lights?

All MLB stadiums have lights, although the Cubs were the last to get lights at their stadium and the last to play a night game at home.

1948 what major league team got lights to play night baseball?

That would be the Detroit Tigers. They were playing in Briggs/Tiger Stadium

What MLB team was the last one to get stadium lights?

the Chicago Cubs - lights were installed in Wrigley Field during the 1988 season.

Are there ties in Major League Baseball?

Yes, there are ties in Major League Baseball. The majority of these ties happened before lights were installed in the ballparks. Games would end up in a tie because they would be called due to darkness.

What is the height of stadium lights in football field?

There is no standard height for stadium lights. It varies from stadium to stadium.

Which stadium has no lights?

Stadium of light

Why is it called the stadium of light?

Because there are a lots of lights in the stadium.

TP-4 When are lights required to be installed on a trailer?

lights are required to be installed on every trailer

What year did the New York Yankees place floodlights on Yankee Stadium so that night games could be played there?

In 1946 the New York Yankees installed roof top flood lights to enable night baseball games to be played.

Who had gas lights installed in the White House?

Gas lights were installed in 1848 when James Polk was President.

How many light bulbs are in busch stadium?

There are 720 stadium lights.

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