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Twickenham stadium has a capacity in excess of 80,000. It is usually full for an international.


The largest "Rugby" crowd in the UK for either code is the 1954 Challenge Cup Final Replay at Bradford's Odsal stadium for RUGBY LEAGUE.

The crowd, which broke down the stadium fences due to the sheer volume of people, was estimated at more than 120,000 by the police. As many as 150,000 may have tried to access the stadium.

Easily the biggest rugby crowd in UK history for either code...

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Q: What was the largest rugby crowd in the UK?
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What was the largest ever crowd in a rugby macth?


What is the largest rugby crowd ever in south Africa?

The original Ellis Park played host to the largest ever crowd at a rugby game in South Africa in 1955, when 100 000 spectators saw the Springboks go down 23-22 to the British Lions. This held the record for largest rugby union crowd for roughly 40 years until the 1990's

Where are rugby balls made?

where are rugbys made Presently GILBERT of the UK is the largest manufacture of rugby balls

Biggest crowd in England rugby match?

Rugby league - not rugby union - actually holds all crowd records in England. The largest crowd was most definitely the estimated 150,000 who attempted to gain entry at the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final Replay of 1954 at Bradford. The ground's outer fences were broken down by crowd pressure and at least 120,000 gained access to the stadium. Rugby league has also had numerous crowds of more than 90,000 in England at London's Wembley Stadium, including a rugby league record capacity crowd of 97,801 in 1985.

What is the largest rugby union crowd ever?

Australia vs. New Zealand- 105,000 at Stadium Australia, Bledisloe Cup Actually, that crowd figure was 109,874, and is also widely regarded as the greatest ever rugby game. This was in 2001, and the crowd at the same match-up in 1999 was over 107,000.

What is the largest rugby union crowd in Europe?

France , then England then Wales in national stadium capacity - However, in following its England

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rugby started in Rugby in Warwickshire in the UK

When was Rugby - UK Parliament constituency - created?

Rugby - UK Parliament constituency - was created in 1885.

When did Rugby - UK Parliament constituency - end?

Rugby - UK Parliament constituency - ended in 1983.

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It originated form 1893 in Rugby Boys School of Rugby Warwickshire England UK