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58 at Darlington

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Q: What was the largest field in a NASCAR race?
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What was the largest margin of victory in a Nascar race?

7 laps

What is the largest attendance venue for a NASCAR race?

The largest NASCAR venue in terms of attendance is the Brickyard 400 with 400,000-plus attendees.

What is the biggest race in NASCAR?

The biggest and most prestigious race of the Nascar season is it's first race, the Daytona 500. Even though the points are the same as any other race during the year, it is Nascar's super bowl and the largest paying race of the season.

How many cars does the Nascar Cup Series field at the Pocono race?

The Nascar Cup Series fields 43 drivers at every race they go to on the schedule.

Why are there 43 cars in a NASCAR race?

There were 43 cars in a NASCAR race so that there could be just enough action on the field. However, not all tracks have 43 cars anymore.

How do they find out who goes first in NASCAR?

Nascar holds qualifying a day or two prior to the race and that is how the field is set. The pole winner for that day will start in the first position for the race. If qualifying is cancelled, the field is set by owners points.

When was NASCAR Race Day created?

NASCAR Race Day was created in 2005.

When did NASCAR Race Day end?

NASCAR Race Day ended in 2006.

When was NASCAR Race Hub created?

NASCAR Race Hub was created in 2010.

Do you overlap or lap someone in a NASCAR race?

You lap someone in a Nascar race.

What is the duration of NASCAR Race Hub?

The duration of NASCAR Race Hub is 3600.0 seconds.

Are Noise Cancelling Earphones needed at a NASCAR race?

No. Earphones are not mandatory at a Nascar race.

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