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Gale Gilbert wore Jersey Number 15, the same number as Jack Kemp.

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Q: What was the jersey number of Bills Quarterback Gale Gilbert?
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Was Gilbert a quarterback for the chargers?

He quarterbacked the Chargers in '94 and '95. Before that he spent 4 seasons with the Bills. His first two seasons were with the Seahawks.

Who is the bills quarterback?

The current starting quarterback of the Buffalo Bills is Ryan Fitzpatrick (#14).

Who wore number 46 for Buffalo Bills?

Quarterback J.P. Loseman, who is no longer with them.

Who is the Buffalo Bills' starting quarterback?

The starting quarterback is Trent Edwards

Who was the Buffalo Bills quarterback after Jim kelley?

Todd Collins succeeded Jim Kelly as the Buffalo Bills Starting Quarterback.

Who is the quarterback of Buffalo Bills?


What was OJ Simpson's original jersey number with the Buffalo Bills and who wore number 32?

Jim Kelly

Which professional football player has been on five consecutive Super Bowl teams?

Gale Gilbert was a backup quarterback for the Buffalo Bills for the four years they went to the Super Bowl and lost (Super Bowls XXV-XXVIII) and was the backup quarterback for the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX.

Buffalo Bills player who wore number 84 and had the name Campbell on his jersey?

Mark Campbell wore #84 and played for the Buffalo Bills.

What jersey number did cookie gilchrist wear?

He was number 32 with the Buffalo Bills, and number 2 with the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins.

Who was the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in 2008?

Trent Edwards.

Who was the star quarterback for the buffilo bills in 1986?

Jim Kelly.