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it is man vs man

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Q: What was the internal and external conflict in the book soul surfer?
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What is the internal and external conflict in The Last Book in the Universe?

The internal and external conflict are Friends losing others and living through life with out problems

Is a conflict in the book Eggs by Jerry Spinelli internal or external?

The conflict in the book "Eggs" by Jerry Spinelli is primarily internal. It focuses on the protagonist David dealing with his emotions and navigating personal challenges, rather than external forces or outside conflicts.

What is the internal conflict and the external conflict in the book slam by Walter dean Myers?

In the book "Slam" by Walter Dean Myers, the internal conflict revolves around the main character, Slam, balancing his passion for basketball with his responsibilities and expectations. The external conflict arises from Slam's struggle to navigate the challenges and pressures of his environment, including issues related to race, class, and relationships. The intersection of these internal and external conflicts drives the story forward and shapes Slam's journey.

What is the type of conflict in the last lecture book?

External and Internal. Internal: Mind, body, and spirit vs. cancer, to be with family vs. to do Last Lecture External : Randy vs medicine, Randy vs. Jai's opinions,

Is the book the borrowers an internal or external conflict?

"The Borrowers" features both internal and external conflicts. The internal conflict arises when Arrietty struggles with her desire to explore the outside world versus her fear of the dangers it poses. The external conflict occurs when the Clock family faces threats from the humans in whose house they live.

Is their a conflict in the book Forever written by Maggie Stiefvater?

Yes, there is a conflict in the book "Forever" by Maggie Stiefvater. The main conflict revolves around the characters' struggle to navigate their complex relationships, which are further complicated by mystical elements and external pressures. The characters must overcome internal and external challenges to find resolution and closure.

What is the external conflict in the book Breaking Dawn?

The external conflict is that Edward wants to kill the child and Bella wants to keep it

What is an internal conflict in the book Farm Team by Will Weaver?

A book report.

What is the external conflict of the book Catching Fire?

Unknown = Unknown

What is one example of a external conflict in the book milkweed?


What is the external conflict in the book shiver?

external means man vs man or man vs nature or man vs obstacle................................................... i would say in this book that the external conflict is Sam and the cold weather ( man vs nature)

What is some External conflicts in the book make lemonade?

what is a conflict in the book make lemonade