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Baseball was important because all the people that were at war left families home and since it was Americas past time everyone went anytime they could

Because of the great depression baseball had what was known as the strike meaning that all nobody could aford to come to games and players were starting to get sent back down to the minors


With the above said, there were several reasons that baseball was important to the economy of the United States during the Great Depression. Economies work better when money is exchanged.

By attending baseball games, the fans gave business to the baseball clubs by buying tickets to games. In addition to that, fans supported the jobs of vendors in the stands, by buying beer and popcorn as examples. Other jobs were supported at games such as ticket takers and grounds crew people.

Most baseball fans had to use cars or public transportation to get to the ballparks. This meant paying bus fares and buying gasoline. So, once again we see money "moving" in exchange for goods and services.

The depression not only caused economic stress, it caused personal stress. Stressed people are reluctant to invest money or begin a business. Baseball made people happy and allowed them relief from the depression. A happy person is more likely to do things that stimulate business. This type of activity gave some relief to the economic woes of the US.

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Q: What was the importance of baseball to the economy during the Great Depression?
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