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Q: What was the highest score for a Boston Celtics game?
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What is highest points Michael Jordan ever score in a basketball game?

69 points against the Boston celtics

Where did the Boston Celtics play their first game?

The Boston Celtics played their first game in the stadium called Boston Garden.

How many people come to a Boston Celtics game?

18,624 people come to a Boston Celtics game

What is the highest team score in the history of the Boston Celtics?

On February 27, 1959, the Boston Celtics defeated the Minneapolis Lakers, 173-139 in the highest-scoring game in Celtics history. Those 173 points also are the NBA record for most points in a regulation game. The Phoenix Suns tied the record on November 10, 1990, defeating the Denver Nuggets 173-143. The highest point total for a non-regulation NBA games was set on December 13, 1983, when the Detroit Pistons defeated Denver in triple overtime, 186-184.

When did the Boston Celtics win their first game?

1946 in Boston Arena

Where can you get cheap Boston Celtics tickets?

You can buy Boston Celtics tickets on the Celtics' website, from Ticket Master, or sometimes people will sell tickets outside the stadium the day of the game.

What was the score for the NBA finals 2010?

Lakers 93 - Boston 79 This is for game 7 Game 7 - Lakers 83 Celtics 79

What is the highest jetman score ever?

The highest score of the computer game Jetman was 20717. The highest score is always changing, which can be found on the game itself when you play.

When do the Boston Celtics play their first season game?

Boston play there first season game on December 31, 2011.

Where did Boston Celtics win there 2008 Championship?

The Celtics won their championship in Game 6 at the TD Banknorth Garden.

Who won NBA finals 2010?

The Los Angeles Lakers won in L.A against the Boston Celtics in game 7 THE SCORE WAS 79 TO 83

Where did the Boston Celtics last play a game?

In the 2011-2012 regular season finale at the TD Garden, the Boston Celtics defeated the Milwaukee Bucks, 87 to 74.

What teams were in the 2008 NBA finals?

The Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers were. The Boston Celtics won the series 4 games to 2. Game 6 was in Boston so the Celtics had the privilege of winning the NBA Championship in front of their home crowd.

When and Where does Boston Celtics Play on Saturday?

They delayed the game because of rain.

How long does an average Boston Celtics game last?

60 minutes

Who will play center in game 7 for the Boston celtics?

sheldon Williams

Who won the 2010 NBA finals game 2?

Boston Celtics

What is the highest score in soccer game?

The highest score is 31-0. Australia beat American Samoa with this score.

What is the highest score on the helicopter game?

The helicopter game is a popular flash game. The highest score that has ever been recorded on the game is 8,474 as of July 2014.

Final score in 08 finals nba?

In the NBA's 2008 championship series, Doc Rivers' Boston Celtics defeated Phil Jackson's Los Angeles Lakers 4 games to 2. Game scores are as follows: Game 1 Boston Celtics 98 Los Angeles Lakers 88 Game 2 Boston Celtics 108 Los Angeles Lakers 102 Game 3 Los Angeles Lakers 87 Boston Celtics 81 Game 4 Los Angeles Lakers 91 Boston Celtics 97 Game 5 Los Angeles Lakers103 Boston Celtics 98 Game 6 Boston Celtics 131 Los Angeles Lakers 92

Where was Michael Jordan's highest scoring game?

63 against the celtics

What was the last year in which the Celtics played their home games at the Boston Garden?

Celtics played their last home game in the Boston Garden against the Orlando Magic on May 5, 1995.

Who scored 10000 points after they played for the Boston Celtics?

Robert Parish- I was at that game!

Who was the Boston Celtics center in game 5 of the 2010 playoffs eastern conference finals game?

Kendrick Perkins was the starting center for the Boston Celtics throughout the entire 2009/10 NBA season, including game 5 of the eastern conference finals.

Highest score in MLB game?

100 is the highest a team can score before the other team will forfeit.