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The highest score was 0.

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Q: What was the highest overall score of the Spurs last year?
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When did spurs last win at old trafford?

29/09/2012 Score was 2-3

Which NBA team has the Highest winning percentage in last ten years?

San antonio spurs

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Which team is better the spurs or the thunder?

The spurs are a very good and consistant team. In 2011, they were the number one ranked team in the west and second overall behind the chicago bulls. When the two teams mached up, the spurs would win the majority of the games. However, in 2012, the tides have shifted. The Oklahome City Thunder are the top team in the western division. But the spurs are number two. The last time that the two teams played, the San Antonio Spurs won. Overall, I would say that the spurs are better. If the two teams met eachother in the Confrence Finals or Semi-finals, it would be a good game. Overall I would say the Spurs are better but the thunder have the best player on the floor.

Who won the last ten nba championships?

Lakers Celtics Spurs Heat Spurs Pistons Spurs Lakers Lakers Lakers Spurs

When were spurs last relegated?


When did spurs last win a trophy?

If referring to the San Antonio Spurs, then: Last Division Title: 2011 Last Conference Title: 2007 Last Championship: 2007

When was the last time spurs won a trophy?


When did spurs last win fa cup?

in 1991

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