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the miracle on ice when 1980 USA olympic hockey team beat Russia. obviously.

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Greatest coach in history of sports?

John Wooden

What was a crucial moment in sports history?

When Barry Bonds broke the home run record.

Who justified the glorious revolution in England?

Macaulay thought it was the greatest moment in human history

What is the most memorable moment in sports history?

There's no saying. It is different for everyone and it much depends on your nationality and on the sport or sports you are fanatic about.

What was the greatest victory in Boston sports history?

Tom Longboat, winner of the 1907 Boston Marathon.

History of ea sports?

what is the history of EA sports?

Who was americas president in world war 2?

President Harry Truman (1945) he thought that the bombing of Hiroshima was "the greatest moment in history"

The defining moment in Greek history is the?

The Persian Wars were the defining moment in Greek history.

When was Greatest History created?

Greatest History was created in 1995.

What is the moment of greatest horror in The Cask of Amontillado?

The moment of the greatest suspense and horror is when Montresor murders Fortunato by enclosing him in the catacombs.

What is the history of individual sports?

The history of individual sports depends on the sport studied. All sports have a completely different history that is unique to that sport.

What wars was the defining moment in Greek history?

The Persian Wars were the defining moment in Greek history.

What sports tournaments are going on in the world at the moment?

The Tour Le France is on at the moment

What are the best sports stores?

at the moment one of the most popular sports stores in the UK IS JJB sports

Who was selected in 2004 as the greatest goaltender in NHL history by a panel of 41 sports writers combined with a simultaneous fan poll?

Patrick Roy

Why the Persian Wars were a defining moment in history?

They were not a defining moment.

What is the history of worlds sports day?

History of sports day is when people come out and play

Who is the greatest dog in history?

Gismo the Shitsu of Stillwater Minnesota is the greatest dog in History

When did sports came from?

The history of sports is as old as mankind.

What are the release dates for History Is--- This Moment - 2013?

History Is--- This Moment - 2013 was released on: USA: April 2013

How many contact sports are there?

there are about 12 that i can think of at the moment

Who was the greatest commander in history?

Many historians believe that Alexander is the greatest commander in the history of the world.. :)

Who is the greatest ruler in India's history?

Ashoka the great is the greatest ruler of Indian history idk

Who is the best sports player ever in history?

The best sports player ever in history is Brian Scalabrine

Why is it important to study the history of sports?

It is important to learn the history of sports,because if you know the history of your fave sport youll play better

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