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Q: What was the goal of the mercosur?
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What are the main goal of mercosur?

To eliminate the trade barriers between member states and create a common market.

What is Mercosur's population?

The population of Mercosur is 267,386,382.

Is Venezuela a member of mercosur?

no Venezuela is not a member of mercosur.

When was Mercosur created?

Mercosur was created on 1991-03-26.

What is the population density of Mercosur?

The population density of Mercosur is 20.86 people per square kilometer.

What countries are members of the Mercosur trading bloc?

Mercosur includes Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

Why have southern cone nations become members of mercosur?

Why have southern cone nations become memebers pf mercosur?

When was MERCOSUR Konex Award winners created?

Honour Konex Award winners was created in 1980.

What has the author Luis A Eguivar written?

Luis A. Eguivar has written: 'MERCOSUR' -- subject(s): Economic integration, MERCOSUR (Organization)

What has the author Ilaria Carnevali written?

Ilaria Carnevali has written: 'MERCOSUR-Chile' -- subject(s): Commercial policy, MERCOSUR (Organization)

Which countries are associate members of Mercosur?

Pending final approval at the present time, Bolivia, Chile, and Mexico are associate members of Mercosur.

What has the author Horacio Moavro written?

Horacio Moavro has written: 'Las Instituciones del Mercosur' -- subject(s): Economic integration, MERCOSUR (Organization)