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the french monks invented the game 'tennis'

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Q: What was the game invented by french monks?
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What game was invented by french monks?

tennis :D

Who invented the first oversized tennis racquet?

French monks

Does the capital of Iowa mean monks in French?

Yes, 'des moines' means 'monks' or 'of the monks' in French.

What does des moines mean in french?

The French "des Moines" translates literally to either "from the monks" or "of the monks".

When and who invented sparklers?

They were invented by Taoist Monks in China around 206 BC

What does Monks mean in french?

les moines

Who created katakana?

Buddhist monks invented Katakana in the early Heian Period (794 to 1185) by Buddhist monks.

Who invented spaces in-between words?

irish monks

Did monks invent paper?

The Chinese invented paper.

What game was invented by french mathematician blaise pascal?

The roulette wheel or connect four

Who invented French fashion?

You can find all kinds of French clothing at FashionTIY.

Which states name means of the monks in french?

des moines

Did monks copied from books by hand?

yes but later a autograph was invented

Who makes the French liquor called Chartreuse?

The French liquor Chartreuse has been made by Carthusian Monks since the 1740's. The liquor is named after the monks monastery in the mountains of Chartreuse, France.

Who invented English alphabet?

Romans invented the Latin alphabet. Early English monks adapted it for use in English.

How was the tennis racket invented?

French MonksFrench monks in the 12th century are normally credited with creating the sport we recognize today as tennis. The original game was played by batting the ball with either bare hands, gloved hands with webbing or small paddles.Wooden RacketA wooden racket, with strings made from sheep intestines, was introduced to the game of tennis around the year 1500.

Is there any Mortal Kombat adventure game?

Yes.Shalon monks is an adventure game.

Who invented real tennis?

Real Tennis evolved rather than was invented. It began as a ball game played in the twelfth century and continued to evolve for the next several centuries. It has been suggested the game was first played by monks in cloisters, but there is no evidence of this. The first well known historical figure to play the game, however, was Henry V.

What 2 word city that translates to monks in french?

Des Moines

Where was champagne invented?

In England, by English monks, through a deliberate and reproducable process.

Why do the french love soccer?

The game of soccer was invented in England so it's popularity throughout Europe spread easily. I imagine the French were inspired to try and beat the British at their own national game.

Who invented kilogram and how?

It was invented by a group of French scientists during the French revolution =).

What are the 3 liquors named for or invented by monks?

Chartruse Benedictine Dom Perignon That last one is commonly attributed to being invented by monks, ect, but it is probabally incorrect. His words were 'It tastes of stars." He got that right in my personal opinion.

When were french fries invented?

French fries were invented in 1789 in Paris. They were invented by a street vendor. It is also believed to have been invented by the Belgians.

Who the invented the French horn?

the french!