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Q: What was the first year the AFL changed to AFL?
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In which year was the first AFL grand final played?

Well AFL or VFL before AFL there was VFL, it has been around for years in Australia.

What year did the AFL start?

The 'AFL' (Australian Football League) name has been around since 1990. The 'VFL' (Victorian Football League) change its name after expansion outside Victoria. The first season of the VFL was 1897 after team left the VFA to form a new league. Australian Rules Football (the SPORT played in the AFL) was first played in 1859.

What year did the AFL and NFL merge?

The AFL and NFL merged before the start of the 1970 season.

What year did vfl stop and afl stop?

1989 - 1990 was the transition from VFL to AFL. The Collingwood football club won the first AFL premiership in 1990.

What year did collingwood win there first premiership?

Collingwood won the VFA premiership in 1896. It's first VFL/AFL premiership was in 1902.

What changed in the labor movement after the war?

The AFL merged with the CIO.

What was the year that the AFL was started?


What year did the raiders join the AFL?

The Raiders were a charter member of the AFL, beginning play in 1960.

What year did collingwood win AFL?


What was the first time the nfl played the afl for the champinship that was called the Super Bowl?

That was January 15, 1967 between the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs with the Packers winning, 35-10. The game was known then as the AFL-NFL Championship Game and the name was changed to Super Bowl I after the AFl=NFL merger in 1970.

Who is Nick renehan?

He played in the first game of AFL football and is still alive. he behaves like a 4 year old

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