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In the NFL, that was 62 yards to Michael Jenkins against the Lions on September 7, 2008. It was his first ever pass attempt as an NFL quarterback.

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Q: What was the first touchdown pass of Matt ryans career?
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Who has more career touchdowns Matt Cassel or Trent Green?

Trent GreenTrent Green threw 162 touchdown passes in his career, he retired following the 2008 season. Currently, Matt Cassell has thrown 74 touchdown passes.

Who player did Matt Ryan throw his first NFL touchdown to?

Micheal Jenkins

Matt Ryan's first NFL touchdown pass was to which Falon Player?

Michael Jenkins

What QB has the record for touchdown passes in his first start in the NFL?

Matt Flynn...December 18th vs New England Patriots. 3 Touchdown passes with 13:44 left in the game

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Matt Snell went 4 yards around the left end to score the Jets' only touchdown in Super Bowl 3

Who has most consecutive point after touchdown kicks?

Matt Stover, who started his treak in 1996.

Who caught the winning touch down in Super Bowl 3?

There was no 'winning touchdown' caught in Super Bowl III. The New York Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts, 16-7, and the only touchdown the Jets scored was on a 4 yard run by Matt Snell in the first quarter.

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Joe never threw a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl. In his one Super Bowl appearance, Super Bowl III for the Jets against the Colts, the Jets only touchdown was scored by Matt Snell on a 4 yard run in the second quarter.

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Matt Snell, Mike Vrabel, Eddie George, Keith Byars

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