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Chicago Cardinals

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Q: What was the first team the Chicago Bears ever played?
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Have the Chicago Bears ever played in the Super Bowl?

Yes twice

Have the Chicago Bears ever played two games in one day?


Has Devin Hester ever played a snap at cornerback for the Chicago Bears?


How many home games have the Chicago Bears ever played at Wrigley Field?

The Chicago Bears played their first 50 seasons (1920-1970) at Wrigley Field. Number of games is tough considering games per-season spanned from 12 to 14. 1970 was the last season they played there.

Did Brian Urlacher ever play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No. Brian Urlacher always played for the Chicago Bears.

Who was the first player ever drafted by the Eagles?

Halfback Jay Berwanger of the University of Chicago. Berwanger was the first ever Heisman Trophy winner (1935) and the first player ever selected in an NFL draft (1936). His rights were traded to the Chicago Bears but he and George Halas could not come to an agreement on a contract and Berwanger never played a down in the NFL.

What year did the Packers beat the Bears for the first time?

The Green Bay Packers first ever victory versus the Chicago Bears was 9/27/1923. The Pack beat the Bears 14-10.

Who is the greatest line backer ever?

Mike Singletary, he played for the Chicago Bears 1981-1992

Did Walter Payton ever play for Seattle Seahawks?

Walter Payton never played for the Seattle Seahawks. The only team he was ever on was the Chicago Bears.

Did Refrigerator Perry ever play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No, he did not. William "The Refrigerator" Perry played for the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Did peter manning ever play for the Chicago Bears?


Did the Chicago Bears EVER have cheerleaders?

Yes, the "Honey Bears". They first appeared in 1976 but were later let go right before SuperBowl XX for unknown reasons.

What is an opinoin about the Chicago Bears?

they are the most awesome and beastly team that has ever played the game. (coff coff walter peyton and butkiss)

What is the worst Chicago Bears loss ever?

The worst game loss the Bears ever experienced was September 27, 1964: Baltimore Colts 52, Bears 0.

What was the first team Jackie Robinson ever played for?

Jackie Robinson played for the Chicago hawks.

Have the New Orleans Saints ever defeated the Chicago Bears?

Yes, they have. The New Orleans Saints defeated the Chicago Bears 12 times in their history.

Did the Detroit Lions ever beat the Chicago Bears?


Did chris chandler ever play with the Chicago Bears?

yes after Michael Vick replaced him as the starting Quarterback for the Falcons the then 37 year old Chandler played for the Bears from 2002-2004. In 2005 his final season he played for the Rams and in his first start he threw 6 interceptions prompting them to release him before ultimately retiring.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers ever play the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl?

No. The Bears have only been in the Super Bowl twice since it was created. They played in 1985 against the Patriots and in 2006 against the Colts.

Who was the first viking to score a touchdown?

The Vikings first ever regular season touchdown was scored by Bob Schnelker on a 14 yard pass from Fran Tarkenton in the Vikings first ever regular season game, played September 17, 1961 against the Chicago Bears. The Vikings won that game 37-13.

Have the Chicago Bears Ever Won A Super Bowl?

The Chicago Bears have won 1 Superbowl (XX) on January 26, 1986 against the New England Patriots.

I would like to know if ex chicago bear dick butkus ever attended or played football for a wright jr. college?

Dick Butkus of the Chicago Bears did not attend or play football for Wright Junior College, he played for the University of Illinois.

Who was the field goal kicker with a half of a foot?

It was Tom Dempsey who played for the Chicago Bears and kicked a 63 yard field goal! longest record ever

Chicago Bears players to ever wear unmber 17?

Juaquin Iglesias

Did Brett Favre ever play on the Chicago Bears?

Favre was never a Bear.