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Jackie Robinson played for the Chicago hawks.

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Q: What was the first team Jackie Robinson ever played for?
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What challenges did Jackie Robinson face?

Jackie Robinson had to overcome being the first ever Negro in the MLB

How did Jackie Robinson get to be famous?

Jackie Robinson was famous because he was the first black to EVER play on the same team as white people(s).

Did Jackie Robinson ever play for anyone else besides the Doders?

he played for the cardinals

Did Jackie Robinson ever cheat on his wife and have other children?

did jackie robinson ever cheatonhis wife and have other kids

Did Jackie Robinson ever have surgery?

no, he didn't.

All games played oriole baseball history did the oriole ever played against Jackie robertson?

I'll assume that you meant Jackie Robinson -- The Baltimore Orioles never played against Jackie Robinson,who retired in 1956, having spent his entire MLB career with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Was Jackie Robinson ever a slave?

No, Jackie Robinson was never a slave. No - he was raised in poverty but was never a slave.

Did Jackie Robinson ever play against the cubs?


What other sports did Jackie Robinson play?

He played football, track, and basketball. But he is famous for playing baseball. He was the first African American to ever play major league baseball.

Why is Jackie Robinson so famous besides playing baseball?

Jackie Robinson is a famous baseball player because he was the first african-american to ever play on a major league team. I hope that answers your question.

Who was the best player in MLB to ever play in history?

jackie robinson

Did Jackie Robinson ever steal home in Wrigley Field?


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