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Basketball. And since it was the 1st pretty dang famous.

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Q: What was the first sport played in New York and how famous was it?
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How many baseball teams were there when baseball first became a sport?

At first there was only one team and that was the New York Nickaboppers and they played for free.

What sport is played by the New York Giants?

Giant football

Which sport is played by the New York Knicks?

NBA Basketball.

What famous athlete has a first and last name starting with M?

Mickey Mantle was a famous baseball player who played for the New York Yankees

Where was the first lottery played?

the first lottery was played in new york

Famous sport teams?

There are the USA Woman's softball team. New York Jets. Green Bay Packers.

What sport words start with Y?

The Yankees (New York Yankees) are a Major League Baseball team. Yachting is a sport. The America's Cup is a famous yachting race.

What famous people lived in colonial New York?

some famous people who lived in colonial new york were henry sloughter first governer of new york colony,

What sport do the New York Yankees play?

The sport that the New York Yankees play is baseball.

What was the first game of baseball ever played?

The first game of baseball every played was just that, baseball. However, most research seems to point to the English sport of rounders as the basis for modern baseball. The very first recorded baseball game using modern rules took place in 1846 between the New York Knickerbockers and the New York Nine.

What is Chad Pennington famous for?

Chad Pennington became famous as an American Football quarterback in the NFL. He played for the New York Jets having been drafted in the first round and is now an analyst for Fox.

Who played darrin first on bewitched?

Dick York

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