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I believe it's football.

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2012-11-03 22:15:32
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Q: What was the first sport ever televised in the US?
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What was the first televised sport in US?

The first televised sport in the us is baseball

What as the first sport televised in the US?

base ball

What was the first US spoprt to be televised in the UK and when?

Football was the first US sport to be televised in the UK. It came only two weeks after the first rugby game was broadcast.

First sport televised in the US?

baseball on may 17, 1939. between Princeton and Columbia. broadcast by nbc

What is the first sport ever played in the US?


What year was the first summer olympic game televised in US?

1964 was the first Summer Games televised in the United States

First sport ever invented in the US?

Lacrosse invented by the Native Americans

What year was the first olympic games broadcast on television?

The Berlin Olympics were the first to be televised in 1936. However, the games weren't televised in the US until 1960 (CBS).

Which US President held the first live televised press conference?


What time will William and kate's wedding be televised in US?

Yes. CNN. What the question is when will it be televised in the US

Which 2 factors made the Kennedy election notable?

Kennedy and Nixon had the first televised debate. It was also the closest election in US history up until Bush/Gore and Kennedy was the first Catholic ever elected President.

Who was the first president to have a televised inauguration?

Harry S Truman was the first US President whose inaugural address was televised in 1949. Coverage was much more extensive four years later when Dwight Eisenhower was inaugurated.

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