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Gold medal

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Q: What was the first prize in Olympics?
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What was the prize awarded in the first Olympics?

[[A]] [[crown]] [[of]] [[olive]] [[leaves]].

What metal is used for first prize in the Olympics?

First prize is molding with the gold material, but prize is not really Gold. Last time in 1912 the first prize was exactly GOLD. After that year it is molding with the gold material.

What was the prize for second ancient Olympics games?

what is the prize for 2nd in the acient Olympics games

What did you get in the Olympics for a prize?


What prize did Baron Pierre de Coubertin get?

His prize was creating the Olympics.

What is the third prize at the Olympics and commonwealth?


Why do athletes get medals?

they get it as a prize for winning the olympics.

What was the winners prize in the Olympics?

A olive branch wreath.

What will be the prize for the winning team in the London Olympics?


What is third place prize in the Olympics?

bronze medal

What was the prize for the Olympics in ancient Greece?

usually celery.

What do the Olympic get for a prize?

If you win the Olympics you get a medal and a certificate.