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Q: What was the first pair of basketball shoes?
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What are basketball shoes called?

They are just called basketball shoes. If you have a pair of Air Jordans, they are often called "Jordans."

Should any 12 year old have two pair of basketball shoes?

Definitely you could have as many basketball shoes that you are willing to pay for

Who invented the first basketball shoes?

Maybe Chuck Taylor because those were the rfirst basketball shoes made.

How much are the first pair of Michael Jordan basketball shoes worth?

u can buy 1's for like 100 probly there not much or do u meen his first pair of j's cuz they might be worth wayyy more

When was Pele's first pair of shoes?

he was seven and earned his shoes's by shining shoes of travelers in the railroad

Who invented the first pair of gym shoes?


What is the uniform used for basketball including shoes?

=the uniform you would need includes a good pair of sneakers, a jersey and a good pair of comfortable shorts.=

Does it matter what kind of shoes you wear in basketball?

The kind of shoes you should wear for basketball are basketball shoes.

How much did Nike shoes cost in 2000?

about $50-$70, for a pair of nike basketball shoes, now they range from $80 at the low and $240 at the high.

Are air force ones basketball shoes?

some basketball players use them such as Rasheed Wallace and Jerry Stackhouse, although nike claims it is a basketball shoe, i don't think it should be under that category. alot of my friends wear them just as casual shoes, and always bring a pair of REAL basketball shoes. but if there is that much argument about it being a basketball shoe or not, i dont think it should be.

When did the first pair of converse shoes come out?


What was the first pair of shoes ever made?


When were the first pair of running shoes invented?


Where can one purchase a used Jordan basketball?

You can purchase a pair of used Jordan Basketball Shoes online through personal sellers at eBay. You can also find a pair through a local personal seller by using Craigslist.

What are basketball shoes?

They are just called Basketball shoes. If you have a pair of Air Jordans, they are often called "Jordans."

Who invented the first pair of tennis shoes?

chuck Norris

Who made the first pair of shoes with a left and right?


Who made the first pair of nike shoes?

Bill Bowerman

Are kobe s basketball?

If you are referring to Kobe shoes then yes they are basketball shoes they are some of the best basketball shoes in the NBA today

Do basketball players have special shoes?

Yes, they have special shoes made just for playing basketball, and they are appropriately named 'basketball shoes'.

What are air force ones?

Air Force Ones are one of the world's most popular Nike shoes and basketball shoes ever made. I also own a pair.

6 things you can were on your feet?

-- a pair of tennis shoes -- a pair of dress shoes -- a pair of socks

Why you don't use basketball shoes for bowling alley?

Basketball shoes or tennis shoes will not slide on the approach at a bowling lane. Basketball shoes or tennis shoes will not slide on the approach at a bowling lane.

What is the first pair of shoes Jordan ever played in?

The first ever shoes that were named after him were called Air Jordan but i dont know the first that he played in.

How do you tell if you have basketball shoes?

I think you have basketball shoes by the type of brand.