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The St. Louis Cardinals were originally the St. Louis Browns

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Q: What was the first name of the St. Louis Cardinals?
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Where did the St. Louis cardinals baseball team get their name?

The St. Louis Cardinals baseball team got its name from a popular bird in that area of the state of Missouri. The St. Louis Cardinals stadium is located near St. Louis, Missouri.

How did the St Louis Cardinals get their name?

The St. Louis Cardinals original name was the Brown Stockings... then the Perfectos, then the owners heard one of the fans from the crowds say "what a lovely shade of a cardinal" so the owners OFFICIALLY changed their name to the St. Louis Cardinals!

When was the St. Louis Cardinals first World Series?

The St. Louis Cardinals played, and won their first World Series in 1926.

Who wears no 57 for St. Louis Cardinals?

Not sure of his first name , but the last name was Larson.

When was the first time the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series?

The St. Louis Cardinals won their first World Series title in 1926.

Was there a St. Louis Cardinal with the first name Ozzie?

Yes. Ozzie Smith was a shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals from 1982-1996.

When was the first St. Louis Cardinals vs the Texas Rangers?

Believe it or not the St. Louis Cardinals first faced the Texas Rangers in the 2011 World Series.

Who plays first base for the St. Louis Cardinals?

Albert Pujols plays first base for the Saint Louis Cardinals.

Where did the baseball team cardinals name come from?

st. Louis cardinals

Which baseline is the St. Louis Cardinals dugout on?

The St Louis Cardinals' Dugout is on the First Base side. Visitors are on the third base side.

Who is the highest paid player on the St. Louis Cardinals?

These are the five highest paid Cardinals as of August 2007 Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals $ 12,937,813 Scott Rolen St. Louis Cardinals $ 12,311,637 Jim Edmonds St. Louis Cardinals $ 9,562,540 Jason Isringhausen St. Louis Cardinals $ 8,750,000 Chris Carpenter St. Louis Cardinals $ 8,500,000

When did the St. Louis Cardinals change to the Arizona Cardinals?

The St. Louis Cardinals football team moved to Arizona in 1988, becoming the Phoenix Cardinals. They changed the team name from Phoenix to Arizona Cardinals in 1994.

What is the name of the mascot for the St. Louis Cardinals?


What is the name of the first baseman of the St. Louis Cardinals after Mark McGwire?

Mark McGwire was succeeded at first base by Tino Martinez.

What year did the Cardinals play their first game?

The St. Louis Cardinals were established in 1882 as the St. Louis Brown Stockings of the American Association, a major league at the time.

St. Louis Cardinals when did they become a team?

The St. Louis Cardinals were established in 1882.

Who is Albert Pujiols?

He is the first basemen for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Who is Gerard Haran?

First baseman for St. Louis Cardinals

First basemen for St. Louis Cardinals?

Albert Pujols

St Lois Cardinals ever been to a super bowl?

No. Arizona Cardinals have and the St. Louis Rams have but not the St. Louis Cardinals. That's baseball.

What was cardinal pitcher mulder's first name?

Mark Mulder was a pitcher for the St Louis Cardinals. He retired from the team in 2008.

Cardinals left St Louis when?

The Arizona Cardinals left St. Louis after the 1987 season.

What is the difference between the st Louis redbirds and the Memphis cardinals?

The Memphis Redbirds are the St. Louis Cardinals' AAA Minor League team, and the St. Louis Cardinals are the Major League team.

Are the red cardinals from St. Louis Missouri's?

Not necessarily. Red Cardinal birds, the male of the species, are found and are native to many areas of the United States. The name "Cardinals" is just a nick name of the St. Louis baseball team in the National League. It is also the nickname of the Arizona Cardinals in the National Football League. That francise was the Cardinals when they started in Chicago, then moved to St. Louis and, finally, Arizona.

Who beat the Mets in their first game in 1962?

The St. Louis Cardinals by a score of 11-4 on April 11 in St. Louis.