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The first name for the Cleveland Browns were the Cleveland Rams. The team formed in 1937.

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Q: What was the first name for the Cleveland Browns?
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What is the name of the field where the Cleveland Browns play?

Cleveland browns stadium. Its lame but true

In 1931 what became the first ever televised sport event?

Cleveland Browns Football Cleveland Browns Football Cleveland Browns Football

What does brown stand for in the Cleveland Browns name?

The Cleveland Browns are named after Paul Brown, the franchise's first vice president, general manager, and head coach.

What is the name of the stadium that the browns play in?

Cleveland Browns Stadium......

Why did the Cleveland Browns trade Trent Richardson?

So the Cleveland Browns can have a first round pick

What was the name of the first colored person on the Cleveland Browns?

Bill Willis (Ohio State) in 1946 was the first black player for the Cleveland Browns as best as memory serves me. The Browns were a dominating member of the old AAFC at the time, later joining the NFL.

Did the Cleveland Browns ever have another name in history?

The Cleveland Rams

Did the Cleveland Browns ever have another name?

No but they were going to be called the Cleveland bombers

Are there any NFL player that first name starts with u?

Cleveland Browns Safety Usama Young

What is Cleveland's football team's name?

The Cleaveland Browns

When was the Cleveland Browns first season?

1946 in the AAFC

What is hoyers first name?

Brian Hoyer is a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. He joined the Browns in 2013. He has previously played for:New England Patriots (2009-2011)Pittsburgh Steelers (2012)Arizona Cardinals (2012)Cleveland Browns (2013-present)

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