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Decatur Staleys, then Chicago Staleys, and then Chicago Bears!

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Q: What was the first name for the Chicago Bears?
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Why are the Chicago bears called the Chicago Bears?

when the team was first created they were called the Staleys, but the owner wanted to reflect the Chicago Cubs, so their name got changed to the Chicago Bears

Why did Chicago Bears get their name bears?

Chicago chose the name bears because when the moved to chicago they were chicago staleys,and they changed there name to bears as a follow up to chicago's baseball team the chicago cubs.

What was the name of the first pro football team?

The chicago bears!

What was the first name of the Chicago Bears?

The Decatur Staleys. They played two years in Decatur and moved to Chicago in 1921 as the Staleys. The named was changed to Bears in 1922. It wasn't until 1921 that they were known as the Chicago Bears. George Halas chose the name Bears because they were playing at Cubs park and because football players are bigger than baseball player he chose the name Bears.

Chicago Bears first black quarterback?

willie thrower was the first back quarterback in football and he was a chicago bears

Chicago Bears Nick name?

The Chicago Bears are also known as "The Monsters of the Midway".

What is the name of the stadium the Chicago Bears play in?

The Chicago Bears play at Soldier Field.

Who came first - Chicago Bears or the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs were founded first. The Chicago Cubs organization was started in 1870, while the Bears' organization was established in 1919.

What is the name of the Chicago football team?

the Chicago Bears

What is the name of Chicago's NFL team?

The Chicago Bears.

What was the Chicago Bulls original name?

Chicago Bears

Why is the Chicago Bears mascot named Staley?

Because of the original name of the Chicago Bears. The Decatur Staley's.

When were the Chicago Staleys changed to the Chicago Bears?

The name change from Staleys to Bears became official in 1922

What is the name of the bears home?

Chicago or a Den, depends on which bears you mean?

When did the Chicago Bears win their first super bowl?

The Chicago Bears won their only super bowl in 1985 (XX)

When did the Chicago Bears play their first game?

The Chicago Bears defeated Moline 20-0 on October 3, 1920.

What was the first team the Chicago Bears ever played?

Chicago Cardinals

What were Chicago Bears called before?

first in 1920 Decatur Staleys, second in 1921 Chicago Staleys, third 1/28/1922 Chicago Bears

What is the name of Illinois's NFL football team?

The Chicago Bears.

When did the C first appear on Chicago Bears helmets?

The Bears 'C' logo first appeared on the helmets in 1962

Will the Jay Cutler trade be good or bad for the Chicago Bears?

I believe it will be a great trade for the Chicago Bears. He is a true franchise quarterback, the first the Bears have had since Sid Luckman.

What is Augustus's middle name?

The founder of the NFL's Decatur Staleys, which later became the Chicago Bears, given name is Augustus Eugene Staley.

What was the orginal name of the Chicago Bears?

the original name was The Decatur Stayleys

What was the name of the Chicago Bears before the got there name?

Decatur Staleys

What were the bears before Chicago Bears?

The bears where the Chicago Staley's