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The Stanley Cup. 1892. Oldest trophy in professional sports period.

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Q: What was the first hockey trophy made?
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What is the name of the mvp trophy in hockey?

The Hart Trophy

What the first hockey puck made of?

Some say that the first hockey pucks were made of wood and were square but i have a book that said the first hockey pucks were made of cow dung

What is the hart trophy?

The Hart trophy is the MVP award of Ice Hockey.

Who made the first pair of hockey skates?

the first hockey skates were made by trevor radin

The first wooden hockey stick made?

the first wooden hockey stick was made of wood. The wood was elm,Hickory,and smoked wood for the hockey stick............

What is hockey trophy?

The Stanley Cup

What is the name of the trophy for the national hockey team tournament in India?

It may be national trophy

What is a fact about sport trophy?

The Stanley Cup is the championship trophy of the National Hockey League and is said to be the oldest trophy in North America.

Name of trophy that is awarded to hockey league's championship team at the end of playoffs?

Vezina Trophy

Which trophy is associated with the name of great hockey player?

Major Dhyan Chand Memorial Trophy.

Which game is associated with the champions trophy?

Hockey is one sport where teams play for the Champions Trophy.

To which game is Santosh Trophy related?


What was the french mans name that first made the world cup trophy?

Abel Lafleur designed and made the FIFA World Cup Trophy

What is the name of the trophy given to the best playoff hockey in the national hockey league?

The Stanley Cup

What was the first composite hockey stick made of?

The first hockey stick was made by a man named Scott fieldstone a Scottish person in 1779.

How do you break a trophy?

with a hockey stick; throw it on the floor (:

What is the Stanley Cup?

The Stanley Cup is the trophy awarded to the team that wins the championship in the National Hockey League. The Cup was donated in 1892 by Lord Stanley of Preston, at the time the Governor General of Canada, as the award for Canada's top amateur hockey team. Teams that were awarded the cup would be challenged by teams from other amateur leagues to a game or series of games. Over time, the Cup became the trophy that professional hockey leagues would play for. In 1926, the Cup became the official championship trophy of the National Hockey League.The Stanley (with an E) Cup is the trophy awarded to the winner of the NHL playoffs.Trophy for the NHL (National Hockey League)

What was the first field hockey ball made of?

The first hockey balls were probably either wood or a bound leather strip wound up. The first modern hockey balls were simply cricket balls painted white, so were made of wood and leather.

What is the Prince of Wales Trophy?

The Prince of Wales Trophy is handed to the Eastern Conference finalist in the National Hockey League (NHL). There's a traditional superstition, that no hockey player would touch or hoist the Prince of Wales Trophy because otherwise they will have bad luck and would not win the Stanley Cup.

What was the first ice hockey puck made of?

The first hockey pucks were made out of rubber or wood, but were square, not round. The first indoor ice hockey game at Montreal's Victoria Skating Rink (later home to the Canadiens) in 1873 used a round wooden puck.

Why is the Hockey championship trophy called the Stanley Cup?

Because Governor General of Canada (British) donated it to the best hockey team in Canada. In 1926 it was first awarded to the team which was the champion of the NHL

What is the Lloyd Saunders Memorial Trophy?

The Lloyd Saunders Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to the top executive in the Western Hockey League. He

What were the first hockey sticks made out of?


What was the first hockey net made of?


What were the first hockey sticks made of?