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In 1978, he signed with the Indianapolis Racers of the World Hockey Association (WHA), where he briefly played before being traded to the Edmonton Oilers

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Q: What was the first hockey team Wayne Gretzky played on?
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When did Wayne Gretzky first play Hockey?

eveysice he was 2

When did Wayne Gretzky first play hockey in NHL?

when he was 17

Who was the first person in the world to score 100 points in hockey?

Wayne gretzky was the first person to score a 100 goals in hockey (points)

Did Wayne gretzky quit?

Wayne Gretzky retired from hockey in 1999, but returned for one final alumni game with the alumni oilers vs the alumni canadiens in the first nhl outdoor game in 2003

Who was the first Canadian hockey player?

there really wasn't a first Canadian hockey player.there is no way of knowing.however, hockey was invented by a Canadian and there are many in the NHL today.Sidney Crosby is arguable the best Canadian hockey player ever along with Wayne Gretzky.

Who was the First National hockey league player to score 700 goals?

Gordie Howe, also the first to score 800, and second all time to Wayne Gretzky.

When did Wayne Gretzky first start wearing the number 99 on his uniform?

It was with the Greyhounds that Wayne first wore the number 99 on his jersey. He originally wanted to wear number 9-for his hockey hero Gordie Howe-but it was already being worn by teammate Brian Gualazzi. At coach Muzz MacPherson's suggestion, Gretzky settled on 99.

What was the first team that Wayne Gretzky play on?

In 1974-1975 he played for Brantford as his very first team. His first NHL team was the Oilers in 1979.

How old were Gretzky's teammates on his first organized team?

His teammates were about ten when Wayne Gretzky were 6 on his first organized tam that he joined.

What is the history behind the hockey number 99?

Number 99 was Wayne Gretzky's jersey number. There were others before him, but there will not be any after. Wayne's number 99 was the first and I believe only number to be retired by NHL. A lot of players have their number retired by their teams, but his was the first, number 99, to be retired by the League.

When did Wayne Gretzky win his first Stanley cup?


What number was Wayne Gretzky in his first whl game?


When was Wayne Gretzky's first child born?

December 19th, 1988.

What year did Wayne gretzky win his first Stanley cup?


When did Wayne Gretzky start playing hockey?

Wayne started skating at age of 2, two months before his third birthday. At age of six he was playing in a team of 10 year olds. His first NHL game was in season 1979-1980.

Wayne Gretzky's first NHL Game?

In 1979, as a member of the Edmonton Oilers.

When did Wayne Gretzky join the LA kings?

His first season was 1995-96

Who is 'Wayne' in hockey?

When people refer to "Wayne" in connection with hockey, they are invariably talking about "Wayne Gretzky" aka "The Great One". Gretzky holds just about every scoring record in the NHL which he earned playing for the Edmonton Oilers (there is a statue of him in front of the arena in Edmonton), LA Kings and NY Rangers. He now owns the Phoenix Coyotes and also managed Team Canada to a gold medal (the first in 50 years) in the 2002 Winter Olympics. He also has a small stint with the St Louis Blues. His scoring records will likely never be touched. While players today struggle to get 50 goals and 100 points in a season. The "great-one" would have that many in a half a season. Wayne Gretzky! How could you not know that !?

What was great about Wayne Gretzky's performance?

Wayne Gretzky's only claim to fame was his ability to score and pass. He was great at that (first all time) but he was also very unphysical. That's why his line mates were generally tougher.

What is the only country in the world to have hockey players on it's currency?

The Canadian five dollar bill has kids playing a pick up game of hockey on a frozen pond, on the back of the bill. The only kid wearing a numbered sweater has number 9 on his back, which was the number of "Mister Hockey" Gordie Howe, who was Wayne Gretzky's idol, when Wayne was a kid. Hockey is "The Canadian Sport" and we pay tribute to our most famous player on our money. ??? #9 maurice Richard i believe wore it as well if not first

Who did Wayne Gretzky share an apartment with in his first season with the NHL's Edmonton Oilers?

Sidney Crosbe

Which team did Wayne Gretzky sign his first Pro contract with?

The Edmonton Oilers Indianapolis Pacers

When did Wayne Gretzky score his first goal?

Gretzky scored his first NHL goal on October 14, 1979 against the Vancouver Canucks. It was his third NHL game.

How scored the first Edmonton Oilers goal?

Kevin Lowe, assisted by Wayne Gretzky and Bret Callighen

Who has scored the most points in one NHL season?

Wayne Gretzky he made his own trophy Wayne Gretzky 93 trophy he teamed with Mario lemiex in international hockey competing for team Canada he accomplished many goals in life he is the worlds best player he holds many world records his very first NHL team was NY rangers he is now in the hall of fame he is now 45 he was a coach for Phoenix coyotes until they had problems in Phoenix he retired in 1999