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A 6-0 win over Gainesville AC in 1906.

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Q: What was the first game the Florida gators played in football?
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Why was the first Georgia Bulldogs versus Florida Gators football game played in Jacksonville Florida?


How long has the Florida gators football team been in existence?

The Gators first season of football was 1906.

What was the first football game played with?

Florida Gators And the gators became very angry the first time they were kicked, so people started using pointy ended balls instead.

When was the first Georgia bulldogs versus Florida gators football game first played in jacksonville Florida?

The first UGA/UF game played in Jacksonville was the first game played in the series. That was in 1915 and Georgia defeated Florida 37-0.

When did the Florida Gators start playing Florida State?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, the first Florida/Florida State game was played in 1958 with Florida winning 21-7.

Were was Gatorade made at?

It was first concocted by a team doctor for the University of Florida Gators football team.

What was the first year that the Florida Gators ever played the Georgia Bulldogs?


What was the name of the first bowl game the Florida Gators played in?

That was the Gator Bowl played on January 1, 1953. The Gators defeated Tulsa 14-13.

When does Florida gator football start?

The Florida Gators first game for the 2009 season will be on September 5th against Charleston Southern University.

Who was the Florida gators first coach?

Jack Forsythe

What team did Tim Tebow play for first?

In college Tim Tebow played for the Florida Gators. In the NFL, the first team he played for was the Denver Broncos.

Were the Miami Dolphins the first team to use Gatorade?

The Florida Gators created the beverage and were the first to use it. Go Gators! =P

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