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1896 Games in Athens.

Frank Lane of the United States won the first ever Olympic heat in the 100 meters and Tom Burke of the United States won the first Olympic gold medal in the 100.

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Q: What was the first ever olympic 100m sprint?
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What was the first ever olympic game?

Foot sprint race.

Who was eldest woman ever to win an Olympic medal?

She was 84 and she won Gold in the 100m

What is the 100m fastest time ever run?

The fastest 100m time ever run is by an 11 year old boy from Ireland. He ran the 100m sprint in a shocking time of 9.41 seconds. Its hard to Believe but it is true. His name was James Mulvihill

What is the fastest time ever recorded for the men's 100m sprint?

Usain Bolt's 9.58 set in Berlin Germany on 8/16/2009

When were the first ever Olympic games?

The first Olympic games were in 776BC

Has anyone ever covered 100m in under 9 seconds from a running start?

If they would have, we would have heard about it. Maybe some Jungle man deep in the heart of the Amazon that no one knows about might have, but that someone that we know of, no. ------------- I like the Amazon man answer. I found something interesting though: covers the fastest possible "assembled" 100m based on the best ever recorded split times for every 10m. They add up to about 9.5. However, the fastest first 10m length is 1.69 seconds due to the acceleration time off the blocks, while everything else is in the .85-.90 range.Replace the first 10 meters with a .90 and I'd venture that Bolt last night possibly covered a 100m stretch of the 200m final in under 9 seconds! Asafa Powel ran 100m in 8.70 seconds as the anchor leg in the 4x100m men's sprint team in the 2008 Beijing Olympics - the fastest electronically timed 100m ever. Bob Hayes has the fastest hand-timed 100m, also as the anchor leg, as part of the US Olympic Sprint team at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, with a time of 9.5 seconds. (

Who did win the first olympic games?

A chef won the first ever Olympic games.

What was the first ever Olympic sport?


Who was the first ever Olympic champion?

Edwin alvarez was the first ever person to take the gold in the first summer olympics.

Who is the fastest human ever recorded?

Usain Bolt is fastest human recorded in history He holds the current world record of 9.58 seconds for the 100m sprint, taken on 16th August 2009 in Berlin, Germany.

Who was the first Indian woman to win an olympic medal?

The first Indian woman to ever win an Olympic medal was Karnam Malleswari.

When was the firs ever ancient Olympics?

The first ever olympic was held in Greece,Olympia

Which country were the first to light the olympic flame?

Greece, they were the first to ever have the Olympics

What events took place in the first ever Olympics?

A 200 metre foot sprint.

Has a human ever sprinted as fast as 40 mph or not?

It's very unlikely; Asafa Powell - the world record holder for 100m was recorded as going at nearly 30mph very briefly (for 1 metre) during a sprint.

What was the first olympic games event ever?

The Triple Jump

Who won the first ever Olympic games?

misam bukhari

Where was the first ever Olympic games?

The original Olympic Games were first recorded in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece, and were held until AD 393.

How you train in the 100m sprint?

First of all you dont train, you cant train and you will not train... you will be Kate. You walk like Kate, talk like Kate, you become Kate then and only then will you be able to reach the potential that no one in the world has except Kate. The problem is you will Not walk, talk or be like Kate. YOU cannot be Kate, therefore you cannot train and therefore you will never finish the 100m sprint in time. First of all who ever wrote this you are wrong!! you do have to train for the 100 meter cause if you dony how do you expect to get faster. Basically you probably do alot of sprint work at practice. you also do some pop ups and some block work. Cause you have to be in a block to do the 100 meter. the block gives you an advantage cause you foot pops of the pettle which allows you to get out really good

Has Danica Patrick ever raced a Nascar Sprint Cup car?

Yes. Her first time racing a Nascar Sprint Cup car was in the 2012 Daytona 500.

Who was the first ever olympic mascot?

Waldi was in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany and he was a Dashund. He took the place of the first Olympic mascot

Who was the first winter olympic gold medalist?

Charles Jewtraw won the first ever Olympic winter gold medal in the 500 meter speed-skating.

Where was the first ever recorded Olympic games held?

Athens, Greece

When did India win its first ever gold in Olympic hockey?


Has Samoa ever won an Olympic medal?

No athlete from the country of Samoa has won an Olympic medal. Samoa first participated in the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games.