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Q: What was the first computer company to air a commercial during the super bowl?
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What computer company had the first mega commercial?


What was the first American company to produce a commercial computer?

Remington Rand

Who produced the world's first commercial computer?

Remington Rand Corporation produced the first commercial computer, the UNIVAC, in 1951.

What company first made the PC a huge commercial success?

Most computer historians will point to Apple for popularizing the idea of a true personal computer and marketing it successfully.

What year was the first commercial computer invented?

The first commercial computer was invented in 1964 by Engineer Pier Giorgio Perotto of Olivetti. The device was named Programma 101.

Which company first manufactured the computer?

Toshiba was the first company to manufacture and sell computers. Apple was the first company to produce a personal computer.

When and why was the first personal computer invented and by whom?

The Micral N was designed by François Gernelle working for the French company R2E in 1973 for process control. It was the first low-cost, commercial, non-kit computer based on a microprocessor.

What corporation aired the first commercial on tv?

Bulova Watches, a watch company, during a baseball game in 1941. It was 10 sec. long and only cost the company 4.00$

What was the first commercial computer program Gates and Allen wrote?

BASIC for the Altair computer

What was England's first commercial computer?

I think it was the bally astrocade

The first general-purpose commercial computer was known as the?


What happened in 1951?

in 1951 the first commercial computer happened