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The team was Crimson Tide and the bowl was the 1993 Sugar Bowl

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Fiesta Bowl

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Q: What was the first bowl game Gene Stallings went to as Alabama's head coach?
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Did Joe Paterno coach against Gene Stallings?

Once, in 1990 which was Stallings first season as head coach of Alabama. Penn State won, 9-0, in Tuscaloosa.

Who was Alabama football coach after bill curry?

Gene Stallings

Who was the coach after bill curry at Alabama?

Gene Stallings, who was the head coach from 1990-1996.

Who was the coach at Alabama when they beat notre dame in football?

Gene stallings

Who was the Walter Camp Coach of the Year in 1992?

In 1992, Gene Stallings of Alabama was the Walter Camp Coach of the Year.

How tall is Colin Powell?

He was shorter than Coach Gene Stallings when he visited Alabama. Stallings was around 6'1"

When was Gene Stallings born?

Gene Stallings was born on 1935-03-02.

What coach succeeded Gene Stallings after Stalling's final season in 1996?

At Alabama, that was Mike DuBose who coached the team from 1997-2000.

What former Alabama coach was also a member of the Bear Bryant Junction Boys team at Texas AM?

That was Gene Stallings who was Alabama's head coach between 1990-1996 and head coach of the 1992 national championship team.

How many career wins did coach Gene Stallings have at Alabama?

71 although Stallings is in the record books with 62 wins due to Alabama having to forfeit 9 wins in the 1993 season due to using an ineligible player.

What church is Gene Stallings affiliated with?

The Church of Christ

Who came after Bill Curry at Alabama football?

Gene Stallings