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a football/soccer ball

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Q: What was the first ball used in playing volleyball?
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What was used as the first volleyball?

soccer ball

What are the different kinds of equipments used in playing volleyball?

There are a number of different kinds of equipment used in playing volleyball. You need a net, a ball, players, and usually some sort of protective gear for the wrists and knees.

What is bump in vollyball?

It is when the ball is hit of your forearms, it is usually the first move used in volleyball.

What is the radius of a volleyball ball?

The size of a regulation volleyball depends on if it is used for indoor or beach volleyball. An indoor ball has the radius of about 21 centimeters, and a beach ball has a radius of about 21.7 centimeter.

Before a ball was custom made for the sport in 1900 what kind of a ball was being used in volleyball?

I don't think they played volleyball before the actual volleyball came out

Where did volleyball begin?

Volleyball originated in Massachusetts in 1895 when the director of a local YMCA used the bladder of a basketball for a ball and a tenis net as the first volleyball net. The game was regulated by the YMCA until 1928 when the United States Volleyball Association was founded.

How is math used in spiking a volleyball?

In volleyball math is used when you hit the ball. You use angles and force to hit the ball in a downward motion causing you to hit the ball or otherwise spike the ball.

What are the equipment used for volleyball?

well just for playing volleyball really

How is the spike used in volleyball?

to pop the ball

What is used in Volleyball?

a ball, net, and a court

What volleyball technique is used to hit the volleyball when the volleyball travels below the waist?

I believe it's called setting the ball

Is volleyball an adjective?

No, it is a noun, either for the game or the ball used in it. It can be a noun adjunct in terms such as volleyball team and volleyball court.

What is the weight of a volleyball ball in kilogram?

A standard size volleyball weighs anywhere from .26 to .28 kilograms, depending on the manufacturer or style (beach or indoor volleyball). In most cases, volleyballs weigh about the same (unless a modified ball, like a children's volleyball, is used).

What materials are used to make a volleyball?

Click on the 'Volleyballs' link on this page to read about what is used to make a volleyball. There are links on the linked page to read about the construction of the ball and other aspects of a volleyball.

What does bump in volleyball mean?

In volleyball terms, bump is a way of hitting the ball. A bump usually occurs with two interlocked hands from underneath the ball, and generally is used to keep the ball from hitting the ground.

What is a ball for?

A ball can be a toy.

What tools is used in volleyball?

The net, ball, players and their kneepads.

What is a dig pass?

A dig pass is used in volleyball: when you get low for the ball and you try to hit the ball to a setter!

What is the name of the skill used in volleyball to put the ball in motion?


Do volleyballs bounce?

That depends upn the playing surface. In beach volleyball, you don't get any bouncing because sand absorbs the energy of the ball's impact. But on a hard surface, yes, volleyballs bounce. Volleyballs have to bounce in order for them to be used in volleyball. What would happen if a volleyball didn't bounce on a forearm pass? Think about it.

What is a defensive technique to stop spiked balls in volleyball?

A block is what is used to stop a spiked ball

What body parts are not allowed to be used in volleyball?

All body parts are allowed to be used in Volleyball, As long as the ball travels over the net, it is a legal touch.

How are forces used in volleyball?

forces are used in volleyball when you are bending your knees to bump the ball, when you are setting the ball to a hitter(wings), when you are serving under hand, and serving over hand (spiking). There are forces in every sport in EVERTHING! Otherwise the world would be still!

What body parts are used in volleyball?

It should be your hands and forearms but technically any part that the ball bounces off of is okay and the legs are used also to get the ball

Volleyball net is used for?

Volleyball ( ) ( ) ( * - * ) ( ' ) ( ' ) ( " )( " ) <---- FAT BUNNY WABITT