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Super Bowl 1 against the Kansas City Chiefs, which the Packers won 35-10.

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Q: What was the first Super Bowl the Packers played in?
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What date was the first Super Bowl played?

January 15th 1967 was the 1st super bowl. The Packers took 1st place.(BOOOOOOOOOOOO PACKERS)

When and where was the first Super Bowl played?

The first Super BowlThe first Super Bowl was played on January 16, 1967. The Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs played each other in Los Angeles California. The Packers won 35-10

Who did the packers play in the first championship?

They played the Kansas City Chiefs in the first Super Bowl.

When did the packers first win the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl I was played January 15, 1967 in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Who played the Green Bay Packers in the first Super Bowl?

The Kansas City Chiefs

Who played in the very first Super Bowl game?

the packers and kansas city chiefs

How many Super Bowls did packers play in?

Including Super Bowl XLV... Five! ≈ Bart Starr's Packers won the first two Super Bowls ever played and ≈ Brett Farve Packers were 1 and 1 in Super Bowl appearances.

When was first Super Bowl?

The First super bowl was in January 15,1967 Which Was The Packers And Chiefs.1967

DID THE JETS win the first super bowl 1967?

No, the Packers won the first Super Bowl.

What was the first NFL Super Bowl?

Super Bowl IThe Green Bay Packers beat the KC Ciefs 35-10 in The first Super Bowl, played on January 15, 1967.

When was the first time the Packers won the super bowl?

The Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl 1 in 1967.

Who have the steeelers played in the Super Bowl?

The Green Bay Packers - The Packers won

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