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In the first thirteen Olympic games, there was only one event and that was the sprint. The sprint event was about one hundred and eight meters in length. Then later Pentathlon was added and it had different events. There was discus, javelin, jumping, running, and wrestling. After a while, they added Equestrian events and that included chariot racing and riding. The Ancient Olympics did have lots of events. They had two major events Equestrian and Pentathlon events

The first event of the Ancient Olympics was the stade race, a foot race of approximately 192 meters run at the first Ancient Games in 776 BC. The first event of the Modern Olympics was a heat in the 100 meter dash run on April 6, 1896.

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it was the sprint

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Q: What was the first Olympic event?
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Curling, but it was not yet a offical olympic event.

Who was the first women's olympic trampolinist?

The trampoline became an Olympic event in 2000. There is no first women in the trampoline event. The link below has who what won medals in what year.

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swiiming became an olympic sport in 1896

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tree chopping

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In 1896, the first recorded event was the Men's Triple Jump.

When did long jump become a Olympic event?

since the first international Olympic games in 1896 :)

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Yes it is a Olympic event :)

What was the first olympic games event ever?

The Triple Jump

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yes swimming is an olympic event

What event did Olympic athletes compete in for the first time in 2000?

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1896 Olympics, the first one.

What big event happened in 776 BC?

first olympic games

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In the modern Olympics, that was 1896.

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The first Olympic champion in recorded history was a naked runner, Coroebus (a cook from Elis), who won the only event the stade.

The events included in the first olympic games were?

The only event included in the first Olympic games was the "stade", a run of about 192 meters. hope that helped!

First ancient Olympics games?

what was the only athletic event at the first ancient olympic games?

Will rio 2016 be the first time tug of war is a event?

No. Tug of War was an Olympic event from 1900 to 1920.

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